New travel items – luggage and bags

I’m always trying to find the perfect collection of bags that I could sort of mix and match to meet the trip. So far my collection has a set of check in luggage and 2 backpacks (different sizes but both have my required features). I’m still trying to find my “perfect” carry on suitcase, packable backpack and packable tote bag.

I’ve found a few new contenders that will hopefully meet my requirements.

Carry On Suitcase
I been wanting a hardside suitcase with a laptop pocket in front – this was a recommendation from someone I follow on Youtube


Foldable Backpack
I wanted something that you could toss into a crossbody or small handbag for just in case

Shopee SG
Amazon (not the same brand but the design/size is identical – there are many similar ones on Amazon but this was the cheapest)

Foldable Tote Bag
Because sometimes you just want to carry a tote

Shopee SG

Foldable Insulated Market Totes
Just in case you want to go to the supermarket or buy food

Amazon SG

Mini Wallet #1
I actually already carry a pretty small wallet but I wanted something even smaller. I’m actually going to try out two different mini wallets. This is has a zippered pouch which lets me keep coins

Amazon SG

Mini Wallet #2
This is the other mini wallet that doesn’t have a place for coins so I’d be having a separate coin pouch

Amazon SG

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