Projects for 2016

While I realize that it is now March but I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while and well life just sort of got in the way.

So let’s talk about the projects I have planned for 2016. I decided to keep things a little simple and I only really have three projects that I’ll be having throughout the year but of course there may be little ones now and again.

Each of my projects would fall into different categories:

  1. Planner
  2. Scrapbook
  3. Journal

Let’s talk about my planner project first. I’m just using one planner this year and that’s my Pelledori Traveler’s Notebook. I’ll go into more detail on what’s in my Pelledori in another post. For now I’ll just talk about the planner insert I carry in it. I made my own insert because I wanted a double spread that had a week to a page view on one side and a dot page on the other which I could use for notes or whatever. On the schedule side, I keep track of appointments and bullet points on what I did during the day – this helps me to remember for when I work on my other two projects.

pelledori2016Next is my scrapbook project, and that would be Project Life 2016. I started out with a good plan last year but yet again didn’t complete it as I just didn’t have time thanks to other things going on in my life. This year I’ve decided to go digital and use the Project Life app on my ipad/iphone. I think this will probably work out best for me and I haven’t quite decided whether to wait till the end and then have it printed as a photobook or have each layout printed so that I could put it in my own albums (which I have a few waiting to be used lol). The advantage of using the app is I do my scrapbooking anywhere and everywhere. I can work on my PL during my commute to and from the office, during my lunch break or if I’m waiting for someone somewhere lol.


My last main project for the year is a journal project. This is actually something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. It’s sort of like a year long letter/journal for my bestie. You see my bestie lives in the US while I live in Singapore and we usually don’t get to see each other maybe once every two or three years. Either during her visits here (she still has family here) or when I visit her there (which tends to be at least for like 4 weeks hehehe). Sure we Whatsapp one another on a regular basis and follow each other on Instagram but there are just some things that I would want to just share with her privately and the best way for that is a letter. I have another post on it on how I lay it out.

So those are my three projects for 2016.


Katedori instructions part 2

Thanks everybody who commented about my Katedori.

Some of you had some questions and while I have answered them in the comments, I thought I’d try and group them all together into a post as well:

Where do you get the elastic from?

I got mine from Daiso but you can get them from most sewing or craft supply stores like Michael’s or Joann’s. I also look at hair elastics as there are some that are a longer length or a customizable length.

Where do you punch the holes?

The two holes in my plastic are punched in the middle (lengthwise) and the center of each hole is 1/4″ from the top or bottom of the plastic.

How do you thread the elastic?

I just feed the elastic in through one hole and out the other. I thread it through like three or four times – depends on how many “elastics” you want for your inserts. I then tie a knot on the underside so that the knot will be between the the cover and the plastic.

If anyone has any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Introducing my Katedori


I had this Kate Spade passport holder lying around the house. I’ve used it maybe once or twice but then I got a custom-made passport holder so this ended up not being used. I noticed on Instagram that some of the other planner girls has actually turned this holder into a pocket midi-like planner so I thought I’d do the same with this as it would be the perfect planner to use on those days where I’m either carrying a small bag or just my wristlet and needed the planner with me.


Here’s the back and the front of the Katedori. I wanted a pen loop and also an elastic closure so I took an idea from Wendaful and used some hair elastic, thin round elastic cord and a binder clip to make a pen loop and elastic closure for my Katedori. It’s pretty simple actually. I glued a piece of hair elastic to each side of the binder clip leaving just enough give so that it will hold my pen (a Target dollar spot one) in place. I then attached a loop of elastic cord to the binder clip to make the elastic closure – I added the charm for decoration.

Here’s what it looks like when you open her up.


katedori03I have a total of 4 inserts in this little baby – a pocket folder, a notebook, a mini planner and a zipper pocket/credit card holder.


Here’s a closer look at my notebook and planner.


I got the notebook on the left from my LSS while on the right is a planner I made. It’s a July – December planner with the months on two pages and the weeks on one.


This is a pocket folder I made out of a Target dollar spot folder. Below is a picture of it opened up. At the moment I use it to store some blank 3×4 Project Life cards that I have stamped “Note to Self” on one side and “Remember this” on the other. One is for my “things to do” lists while the other is for shopping lists. I also stamped a banner flag so that I can write the date.

katedori08The picture below shows my zippered pocket/credit card holder. Here’s what I did, I took a mini zippered pocket and I had and a credit card holder for a pocket filofax and connected them with packing tape. I made sure not to block any of the pockets and used tape on both sides so that it would stick to anything.


To hold these inserts into place, I took a piece of plastic (I used a cover for bound documents).

katedori10I punched a small hole at the top in the centre and a top at the bottom centre. I think strung some elastic cord between the holes. I made sure I had a total of 3 strings to put my inserts on. I think place the inserts like you would do with a Midori. Here are the inserts on the plastic cover.

katedori11I cut the plastic to be slightly smaller that the passport cover itself – well the width anyways. After that, all I have to do is slip/feed in plastic into the pockets of the passport holder.

Hopefully I’ve explained everything but if you have any questions, do leave a comment and I’ll reply.  

Project Life 2015 – Attempt No. 3

I decided to give Project Life another try but this time I’m changing things to suit me. I tried to do it the “traditional” way of using a two page spread for the week but I had so much trouble filling up all the space.

I had a good think to try to figure out why I wasn’t able to complete it the previous two attempts and I came to discover a few key points that may have been the problem and then thought on how to solve them. So here we go: Continue reading

2015 Update

First off, I’m so sorry I’ve not been posting for a while but things got a little crazy the last few months but they’re settling down into a better pattern now so I’ll have more time for blogging.

So here’s a quick update on what’s been going on in some key areas of my life and I’ll follow-up on some of them with more detailed posts.

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Innisfree Haul

As I mentioned before in my previous post, I’ve decided to switch to no sulfate and no paraben products. I also wanted to revamp my skin care routine, which to be honest, consisted mainly of foam cleanser. I only used moisturisers or creams when I travelled on the plane and when I went to drier climates, but after reading a bit more about how and why Korean women have such fantastic skin, I decided to try out a Korean style skin care routine.

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