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  • Bullet Journal 2022 – Week 15

    Bullet Journal 2022 – Week 15

    Used quite a few stickers this week but mainly baseball stickers now that baseball season is in full swing. Like last week, I have the baseball scores in the main boxes for each day but I think I need to make a separate section for the baseball scores. I meant to do that this week […]

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  • Bullet Journal 2022 – April and Week 14

    Bullet Journal 2022 – April and Week 14

    New month means a new monthly layout. The colour I picked for April is called Process Blue. Another thing about April – baseball season starts! For those who know me, I am a huge fan of baseball and while I live in a place where we don’t actually have baseball, I do have a subscription […]

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  • Bullet Journal 2022 – Week 13

    Bullet Journal 2022 – Week 13

    I combined two different layouts I had previously used to create this layout and I have to say I like it so this one will probably be in the rotation. A couple of special days this week. There’s April’s Fools Day – I’m not a fan of pranks because they usually end up being stupid […]

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  • Changed my EDC and Work planners

    Changed my EDC and Work planners

    As the first quarter of 2022 is coming to an end I thought I’d share how things are going with my planners and journals. I’m loving my bullet journal and daily journals as they allow me to record the things I want as well as have just enough creative outlet to be enjoyable and not […]

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  • Bullet Journal 2022 – Week 12

    Bullet Journal 2022 – Week 12

    Went with an old die hard layout of quads. This layout really cement the idea that I prefer to have separate to do lists for each day rather than a general one. Last week was a crazy week at the office so my days pretty much consisted of work, eat and sleep on the weekdays […]

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  • Daily Journal 2022 – April

    Daily Journal 2022 – April

    The theme for April is cookies. As the first week of the month has 3 days and the last week of the month has 6 days, there was no need for a filler this month. Here are my April layouts: StampsHeallily [calendar #1] – linkAmy Tangerine & Sakuralala [Brush 1] – linkSweet Stamp Shop [Smart Cookie] […]

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