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  • Staycation Day 3

    Staycation Day 3

    Woke up to a sunny morning which was a little surprising given that the forecast was rain lol. The word for the day is “chill”. Basically I had very little planned and was going to be relaxed. I spent most of the morning either watching tv, working on some future blog posts or chatting with…

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  • Staycation Day 2

    Staycation Day 2

    Woke up at 9 am and was greeted with a gloomy view. I’m guessing it may have rained during the night and was a bit overcast in the morning. I spent the morning chilling in the room, working on my blog and listening to music. Started getting ready to head out for the day at…

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  • What’s in my travel journal kit – Sentosa 2022 edition

    What’s in my travel journal kit – Sentosa 2022 edition

    This is the travel journal kit I’ve brought with me for my staycay. Just three things – a pouch full of tools and goodies, my pocket printer and my journal. Let me go into each part with more detail and I’ll have links right at the end. First up is my journal. I’m using a…

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  • What’s in my travel journal kit

    What’s in my travel journal kit

    So I love to journal especially when I travel. I love having a written jMy travel journals are nothing elaborate, just a notebook where I write down what I did/see/eat, my thoughts at the time and then add in some photos and relevant ephemera. How big a kit and what’s in the kit varies from…

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  • Let the staycay begin!

    Let the staycay begin!

    To celebrate my birthday, I decided to go for a staycation. I usually try to take a trup during my birthday but given that things with the pandemic are still a bit iffy, I opted for a staycation instead. As a treat, I am staying 5 days and 4 nights at the Hard Rock Hotel…

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  • New travel items – toiletries and beauty

    New travel items – toiletries and beauty

    Here are some new travel tolietries and beauty products I got to try out during my staycation. Travel Bottles4-in-1 dispenser – perfect for having all your shower products in one place Shein SGAmazonShein USA Travel BottlesTo help save space in my toiletries bag. Amazon SGAmazon Hanging Toiletries BagTo keep my toiletries all in one place…

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