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  • Bullet Journal 2022 – Week 11

    Bullet Journal 2022 – Week 11

    Happy Spring everyone! Trying out a new layout and I have to admit, I really like this one. I like that I have space for bullet points for each day as well as having a separate “to do” list area for each day. I think going forward, I will pick my faves from what I’ve […]

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  • Bullet Journal 2022 – Week 10

    Bullet Journal 2022 – Week 10

    Used a different layout this week. Sure it’s similar to others I’ve used before but with some slight amendments. I’m really enjoying this simple but colourful layouts and I’m even thinking of changing up my EDC so I can add more creativity to it. PensPentel EnerGel RTX Gel Pen, Needle Point, 0.5 mm Zebra Mildliner […]

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  • Bullet Journal 2022 – March and Week 9

    Bullet Journal 2022 – March and Week 9

    New month means new title page. New month also means new colour scheme, in this case Tombow Dual Brush Pen #192 aka Asparagus. I have always associated the colour green with the month of March and that’s all thanks to St Patrick’s day. As you can see I really went all green. I went back […]

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  • Bullet Journal 2022 – Week 8

    Bullet Journal 2022 – Week 8

    Still feeling in a valentine’s mood so there is a lot of pink in this layout and I also used part of a Valentine’s Day mini kit I had. I tried a different layout this time using smaller boxes with a single to do list for the week and space of some graphics. Here’s the […]

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  • Daily Journal 2022 – March

    Daily Journal 2022 – March

    The theme for March is cactus/cacti. The first and last week of March had 6 and 4 days respectively which made it easy for me to have a two page spread for those week so there was no need for a filler this month. Here are my March weekly layouts: StampsSweet Stamp Shop [Nod to […]

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  • 2022 Bullet Journal Week 7

    2022 Bullet Journal Week 7

    Given that I’m working from home this week, I figured I wouldn’t need much space for the week and gave myself more space on the weekend – my weekends before going back to work seem to be busy for some odd reason. I added a bunch of hearts to this layout as Monday was Valentine’s […]

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