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  • New travel items – packing aids & others

    New travel items – packing aids & others

    I’m a huge fan of packing cubes because they help me keep my clothes organized. These are some other packing aids and other travel related products that I’ve come across. Closet Hanging ShelvesSimilar to a brand called the Stow-n-Go. I got it in two sizes – a large and a small – but I’ll be…

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  • New travel items – electronics and tech

    New travel items – electronics and tech

    I’m a relatively techy person so while I usually try to keep it to a minimal when I travel, you still need the “basics”. Given that hotels usually have limited available power points, I always make sure that I have a power strip to help me charge up my stuff. Some of the stuff I’m…

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  • New travel items – luggage and bags

    New travel items – luggage and bags

    I’m always trying to find the perfect collection of bags that I could sort of mix and match to meet the trip. So far my collection has a set of check in luggage and 2 backpacks (different sizes but both have my required features). I’m still trying to find my “perfect” carry on suitcase, packable…

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  • New Travel Items

    New Travel Items

    I’m an avid traveler usually taking at least 2 – 3 trips a year. Some trips are just regional or nearby while some require a long haul flight (more than 10 hours). I love finding travel accessories, luggage and the like to help make trips more enjoyable and organised and improve my travel “system”. Of…

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  • Going for a staycation

    Going for a staycation

    Sorry for the radio or rather blog silence but since I’ve been working back in the office, I’ve been extremely busy with work and just too tired to do anything else when I’m home except for the day to day chores. Now that travel has opened up more, I have wanted to travel but I…

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  • Bullet Journal 2022 – Week 29

    Bullet Journal 2022 – Week 29

    Managed to get caught up with my bullet journal PensPentel EnerGel RTX Gel Pen, Needle Point, 0.5 mm Zebra Mildliner [black] – linkZig Clean Color Dot Double-Sided Marker [036 Bluebonnet] – linkTombow Dual Brush Pen [515 Light Blue] – link StickersSweet Kawaii Design [Kawaii Baseball – itty bitty] – linkSweet Kawaii Design [Teeny Weeny Television –…

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