About Me

A human being of the female persuasion who wears many hats in her life.

Here are 9 fun facts about me:

Fun fact #1 – I love to travel. More of a urban/suburban traveler but have no problem with traveling with just a carry on. Love road trips and I’m quite happy to travel at a slower place.

Fun fact #2 – I love to journal. I journal my everyday life and I especially love to journal my trips. My style of journaling is writing with some creative flair. A hybrid of sorts of journaling and scrapbooking.

Fun fact #3 – I’m a planner. I love to plan. I use a planner, I plan my planners and journals, I plan my trips. I just love to plan. It’s like therapy to me.

Fun fact #4 – I love to take photos but I’m not a photographer. I capture my everyday life and travels with either with my iPhone or my point-and-shoot with a little extra camera.

Fun fact #5 – I’m into arts, crafts and DIYing. Want to know how serious I am about it? I have a room in my home dedicated for my arts, crafts and DIYing but it also doubles as a home office and journaling zone.

Fun fact #6 – No selfies. I take feetsies or group photos. Some of my friends have even said that they look forward to seeing where my converse sneakers (my fave shoes) are at hahaha.

Fun fact #7 – I have a unique family. My family members, both immediate and extended, are of different races and religions and yes they are my blood family or family by marriage. I was raised in a home made of two cultures that were essentially complete opposites to one another. I am a true blue “east meets west” kind of girl.

Fun fact #8 – My extremely large group of friends, and yes I personally know each and every one of the 500+ people who are my Facebook friends. These are people I’ve either met through school and work, through other friends or the internet. I’ve known most of them for many a year some as long as 40+ years. My best friend and I have known each other for more than 30 years !

Fun fact #9 – My favorites – the number 9; the color blue (nearly all shades of blue); listening to music (from pop, country, latin, kpop to rock); reading a book (usually contemporary romance); watching movies (pretty much anything except horror); Apple products (I currently use an iPhone, an iPad, an Apple watch and Airpods Pro); chocolate and peanuts (either separately or together – can we say Snickers!); baseball (go Kansas City Royals); and sneakers, shorts/jeans and a tee are my “uniform” of choice.

Email: justeclectically@gmail.com

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