New travel items – electronics and tech

I’m a relatively techy person so while I usually try to keep it to a minimal when I travel, you still need the “basics”. Given that hotels usually have limited available power points, I always make sure that I have a power strip to help me charge up my stuff.

Some of the stuff I’m trying out for this staycation are geared more for use in my home country or the UK thanks to the 3-pin plug but of course can be used internationally with the use of a plug adapter.

I usually purchase my items either from either the local versions of major online stores ( and or some local only online stores. I will give links for where I actually bought my items as well as links from the US stores, either the exact same thing or something similar.

Power Strip
Because everyone needs more power points
Amazon (same brand but US version so slight difference)
Amazon (this is an alternative option)

USB Travel Power Adapter
Need those USB ports for charging tech

Wireless Power Bank
Can’t have my iPhone dying on me while I’m out and about

Apple Devices Charger
A 3-in-1 charger for my multiple Apple devices though this will work some of the Samsung Galaxy phones
Amazon (not exactly the same but a popular alternative)

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