New Travel Items

I’m an avid traveler usually taking at least 2 – 3 trips a year. Some trips are just regional or nearby while some require a long haul flight (more than 10 hours).

I love finding travel accessories, luggage and the like to help make trips more enjoyable and organised and improve my travel “system”. Of course, how and what I pack for a long trip is different from how or what I pack for a short trip.

Now that places are opening up and everyone is traveling again, I’ve decided to start getting and trying out new travel items. I don’t actually plan on traveling overseas next year but I thought I would use this upcoming staycation to try out some of my new travel finds.

I love travel accessories and I love to be organised so I’m always checking out ways to improve my “system”.

So as not to have a super long post, I’ll break the items up into different categories and posts, and once my staycation is over, I’ll post reviews on the items.

There are so many things that I got so rather than have a super long post, I thought

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