Review – New travel items – packing aids & others

Here are my thoughts on the products.

Closet Hanging Shelves

I have mixed feelings about this.

I used the smaller of the two and while I could put all the clothes I had with me with room for more, I couldn’t compress it enough to put in my suitcase but I suspect that might be because of the type of suitcase I had. I think if you had the one that just had the one big space, it would work like a dream.

I still brought it with me but I had it flat in my suitcase and then hung it up in the wardrobe giving me the much needed space to put my clothes.

I think I would use these again but only when I’m using the right carry on suitcase.

Foldable Laundry Bag

This made it so much easier to separate my dirty laundry from my clean clothes and it was simple to just roll it up so that I could get it into my suitcase on the trip home.

Wet Laundry Bag

I didn’t end up using this as I decided not to go swimming after all but I can see it’s potential.

Add a Bag Strap

I ended up not needing this but I can definitely see myself using this in the future especially for whenever I go to the US. I actually had something like this before but misplaced it. I’ve used it before to help keep two suitcases together when I was dealing with 3 suitcases on my own – 2 check in and 1 carry on.

Pill Box

This helped me keep my meds organized and mae taking my meds quick and simple because I could break up my doses by day and time.

I take 3 different kinds of medication in the morning and then an additional medication after dinner and another before I sleep so I used the first four little box and put 4 doses of my morning meds and then the last two held my evening and night meds. As for the two large sections at the top, I put some spares of my meds just in case I dropped anything.

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