Review – New travel items – luggage and bags

Here’s my review on the items I tried out.

Carry On Suitcase

Loved the wheels on this case. They rolled so smoothly even on carpet. I overpacked this staycay (which is not normal for me) but I was testin gout a bunch of travel stuff.

This was a definite worth the buy and will be used often especially on trips I bring my laptop.

Foldable Backpack

This game in handy but I was a little disappointed with the two pockets on the side. My waterbottle kept on falling out, even when the bag was on my back and I was standing up! There no elastic at the top to keep things in place. Guess I’ll need to look for another packable backpack.

Foldable Tote Bag

This is a very spacious bag even when it’s not been expanded. It would definitely come in handy to use as an extra bag but I wouldn’t check it or use it as a personal back because I found the material to be too flimsy but if you needed a lightweight bag to help bring back extra things like souveniers or dirty laundry then this is a good bag for that.

Foldable Insulated Market Totes

This came in handy for bringing drinks and snacks to be stowed in the hotel mini bar (which was empty). This will definitely be handy if you tend to go to the supermarket/food stores when traveling but you can use it at home too.

Definitely going to use these in the future.

Mini Wallet #1

The zippered pocket allows you to keep a few coins if you need to and has plenty of card slots for those essential ones. The pocket also allows me to carry a bit of cash so if I’m going for a trip that requires more cash than card, then this is the one for me.

Mini Wallet #2

Like the other mini wallet, this was pretty compact but don’t expect to carry a lot of cash or coins with it. I’ll use this on those trips that I’m more inclined to use my cards more than cash.

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