About Me


A human being of the female persuasion who wears many “hats” in her life

Here are 9 fun facts about me:

1. Traveller – prefer urban/suburban to outback, not a princess but not really into roughing it, no problem traveling with just carry on except when I pay a visit to my bestie as those trips tend to be long ones with a lot of shopping involved lol

2. Journal scrapbooker – love to journal about life and especially trips and my journals always have a bit of scrapbooking elements mixed in them

3. Planner – not just in using a planner but love to plan stuff too, love having a paper planner not just to note down appointments but I also take note of things that happen in my life, love planning trips and tend to start planning really early (just as my bestie lol)

4. Simple photographer – don’t use fancy DSLRS but that’s mainly because I can never figure out all the different settings lol, prefer the quick point-and-shoot style of photography, my cameras of choice are my iPhone, my Nikon Coolpix A900 (a point-and-shoot style camera with a mega zoom lens) and my Lomo Instant Camera

5. Art & Crafter – can be found happily painting something, sewing something or working with paper

6. Feetsies not selfies – not a big fan of taking selfies but I do tend to take pics of my feet in different places and I sometimes even get family and friends in on the pics lol – I think the picture above explains everything lol

7. Family – my family (immediate and extended) is mixture of different races and religions, raised with two cultural backgrounds that were essentially complete opposites to one another – I’m a true “east meets west” kind of girl

8. Friends – my boss likes to say I have friends all over the world and he’s probably not too far off, maybe not all over the world but how about most of it hahaha all courtesy of going to an international school from elementary to high school, my bestie lives half way round the world from me but that doesn’t stop us from being besties and I usually take an extended trip to visit her every one or two years though lately it’s becoming an annual fair – not that we’re complaining lol

9. Favorites – the number 9 (hence the 9 fun facts lol), listening to music (a variety of genres), watching movies (most things except horror), Apple products (iPhone, iPod, iPad, MacBook Air and Apple watch to prove it lol), baseball (go Kansas City Royals!), blues, pinks, purples, some greens, black and white, sneakers over heels, casual over fancy, peanut butter!

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