Review – New travel items – electronics and tech

Here is a review of the items I tested out.

Power Strip

I ended up not using this during my staycay because my room had plenty of power points available (1 on each bedside and 2 near the small table in the room which became my make shift desk.

USB Travel Power Adapter

I used this to help charge multiple gadgets via USB, things like my ipad mini and mini photo printer.

Wireless Power Bank

I was taking a lot of photos on most days as well as posting and other apps. While I never hit 0, I definitely got down to around 20% so having this little power bank on hand was definitely useful.

Another thing to note, this little power bank works for any phone that supports charging via magsafe.

Apple Devices Charger

This was the perfect set up for me. One cable to charge three items at one while taking up a small piece of real estate on my bedside table. Perect for me who always has my Apple Watch, my iPhone and my Airpods Pros with me.

When not in use, it folds up into like a little stack so it’s not bulky either.

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