Staycation Day 4

Had a bit of a lie in but rather than chilling in the room for a while, I started my day early. I grabbed a late breakfast from McDonald’s before heading to Universal Studios Singapore (USS).

I got to the park just as it was opening so there was a large crowd outside but as they kept on opening gates, I managed to find one that had a short queue and got in pretty fast. I’ve never been to USS before. I’ve actually never been to any Universal Studio. I’ve only been to Disneyland in Hong Kong. Some parts of the park as well as some rides were closed. I’m not a big rides fan and those that I wanted to go were either closed or not advisable to take as I was having a slight back ache. Instead, I spent most of the time walking around taking pics of everything and checking out stuff in the stores hahaha.

Here are some of my fave pics

Once I was done there, I headed bacl to the room to chill out before going out to grab some dinner. This time round, I got dinner from Malaysian Food Street. I decided to get something simple and as take away so that I could eat in my room while watching a movie.

I ended up getting Char Siew Rice and watched The Tomorrow War on Amazon Prime. It was a pretty interesting movie. Spent the rest of the night doing some packing prep (will do the actual packing tomorrow in the morning), watching other shows and blogging.

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