What’s in my travel journal kit – Sentosa 2022 edition

This is the travel journal kit I’ve brought with me for my staycay.

Just three things – a pouch full of tools and goodies, my pocket printer and my journal. Let me go into each part with more detail and I’ll have links right at the end.

First up is my journal. I’m using a MD Paper A6 grid notebook light. This is the “thinner” version of the regular notebook. Instead of 176 pages, this one is 64 pages and comes in a pack of 3. For protection as well as some storage, I’m using a Hobonichi navy A6 techo cover. On the right hand side of my journal is my Hobonichi pencil board.

Next we have my pocket photo printer. I’m using a HP Sprocket. It prints out 2×3 inch photos which is the perfect size for my little journal. Not the best quality of photos but I’m fine with that for my journal. Gives them an added effect. It doesn’t need ink, just special photo paper called Zink paper. The plus side of this special paper is that it’s a sticky back paper which makes it so easy to stick into my journal. To keep my little printer safe, I keep it in a hard carrying case.

In the third part of my kit, I have a pouch full of goodies. The pouch is one I get with my monthly Traveler’s Notebook subscription kit from Studio Calico. In the pouch I have photo paper for my pocket printer, a mini trimmer, 3 washi tapes, eraser, pen scissors, 2 mildliners, a mechanical pencil, a gel pen, a spare notebook, a folder containing various stickers & ephemera, a glue tape runner and a ruler.

I won’t list out what’s in the folder as it contain a bunch of different stuff from different sources. Basically it has some travel related ephemera I thought I might use, some label stickers, other stickers that might work and some tags and pockets I could use in my journal.


MD Paper A6 grid notebook light – Amazon / Jet Pens
Hobonichi A6 Techno cover (navy) – Hobonichi / Amazon / Jet Pens (with planner)
A6 pencil board – not the one I have but alternatives – Hobonichi / Amazon / Jet Pens
HP Sprocket Pocket Printer – Amazon
Zink photo paper for Sprocket – Amazon
Printer carrying case – not the exact one I have but an alternative – Amazon
Studio Calico – not available for sale
We R Memory Keepers mini trimmer – Amazon / Scrapbook.com
Washi tape – I’ve had these for years and can’t recall where I got them from
Staedtler eraser – Amazon
Sun-Star Pen scissors – Amazon / Jet Pens
Zebra Mildliners (Dark Blue & Summer Green) – Amazon / Jet Pens
Pentel EnerGize Mechanical Pencil 0.7 – Amazon (different colour) / Jet Pens (in 0.5)
Pentel EnerGel RTX Gel Pen, Needle Point, 0.5 mm [black] – Amazon / Jet Pens
Tombow Mono Adhesive Glue Tape – Amazon / Jet Pens
Ruler – not the exact one I have but alternatives – Amazon / Jet Pens

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