Staycation Day 3

Woke up to a sunny morning which was a little surprising given that the forecast was rain lol.

The word for the day is “chill”. Basically I had very little planned and was going to be relaxed. I spent most of the morning either watching tv, working on some future blog posts or chatting with my bestie. I finally started getting ready at about 11 am and headed towards to Sentosa Express – the monorail that connects certain stops on Sentosa to the “mainland”. I was heading to back to the “mainland” to go for lunch at Vivocity (the mall directly across from Sentosa) and a bit of shopping. While walking towards to the Sentosa Express I spotted Kevin the Minion!!!!

Once I got to Vivocity, I headed out to the roof deck which gave me the perfect view of Sentosa. Here’s a pic from the deck and one of the deck.

I wandered around the mall for a while and did a bit of shopping – picked up a packable UV parka to use tomorrow just in case there is light rain or strong sun. After getting that, I went to grab lunch at Hoshino Coffee. I ordered the Tonkatsu sandwich and a vanilla souffle with chocolate sauce. I only ate half of the sandwich because I wanted to keep room for the souffle which was complete yum!!!! So light and fluffy!!! I’m in love with a souffle and I’m not ashamed to admit it hahaha.

After lunch I headed back to the Sentosa Express station. Usually you have to pay to take the monorail from the mainland as that counts as entry to Sentosa but until the end of the year, all entry is free which means taking the monorail from Vivocity is also free. Here are a couple of shots I got from the monorail as we crossed over on to Sentosa.

I headed back to the hotel but took a walk around Resort World to enjoy the scenery. I spent a couple of hours chilling in the room before heading out for dinner.

Dinner tonight was at the Hard Rock Cafe Sentosa. I’ve been here once before but that was like 12 years ago. A long time ago in my youth I used to work at the HRC in Singapore and in Hong Kong so whenever I’m near a HRC I have to pop in, either to have a bite to eat or just to visit the merchandise store to pick up a souvenir. Once a Hard Rocker always a Hard Rocker we say. I usually try to get the guitar pin that is unique to that city. I already picked up one from the hotel but it turns out that the cafe’s one is sold out but similar so I took a different one that was unique.

After a nice dinner, I headed back to the hotel to chill the night away.

That’s the view I got while walking back to the hotel.

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