Staycation Day 2

Woke up at 9 am and was greeted with a gloomy view. I’m guessing it may have rained during the night and was a bit overcast in the morning. I spent the morning chilling in the room, working on my blog and listening to music. Started getting ready to head out for the day at about 11 am.

First stop of the day was lunch at Streats Asian Cafe. I order the fried kuay teow with beef. Nothing too heavy but just right.

After lunch, I headed over the SEA Aquarium. I had already pre-bought my ticket online so immediately joined the queue to enter.

I love going to aquariums and always try to visit any that are where I’m visiting. I find them so relaxing and while nearly every aquarium has the same things on display, I still love going to them and taking a ton of pictures. The SEA Aquarium has been open for almost 10 years and this is the first time I’ve ever visited it!!! It’s one of the world’s largest aquariums and after seeing the two big tanks they have, I am not surprised. The Open Ocean Habitat reminds me a lot of the Ocean Voyager exhibit at the Georgia Aquarium and it’s just slightly smaller that it. The SEA Aquarium doesn’t have whale sharks like the Georgia Aquarium but it does have manta rays.

Here are some collages of only some of the photos I took – I took about 150 photos hahaha.

The views of the two large tanks. The top one is the Shipwreak Habitat and the bottom one is the Open Ocean Habitat.

I spent a little over an hour walking around the aquarium and came out feeling a little peckish so I stopped at the Krispy Kreme to grab a couple of doughnuts (one original glazed and one chocolate glazed) and got myself an Earl Gray Milk Tea from Li Ho. I then headed back to the room.

As this little staycay is all about chilling, that is exactly what I did in the room. I had my snack and watched a movie on Netflix. The channel selection is actually pretty crap (there’s like 3 channels I’d watch out of say 25) but thank goodness they have apps like Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video and HBO Go all preloaded on their tvs and I just so happen to have subscriptions for all so at least I have choices there.

Above is my view from the bed, to the right I have the cable cars and in front of me, the big tv. I was watching The Gray Man.

I actually meant to go out for dinner. Had planned to go to the Hard Rock Cafe but I was too comfy and ended up order room service (which was actually pretty pricey in my opinion). What was funny was that I ended up getting the burger from HRC hahaha. It wasn’t what I was thinking of having if I had actually gone to the restaurant but the room service menu was limited. I’ll go to HRC tomorrow instead.

After dinner, I spent the evening watching the latest episode of The Rookie (thank goodness they had that channel!) and then watching movies on HBO Go while blogging.

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