New travel items – packing aids & others

I’m a huge fan of packing cubes because they help me keep my clothes organized. These are some other packing aids and other travel related products that I’ve come across.

Closet Hanging Shelves
Similar to a brand called the Stow-n-Go. I got it in two sizes – a large and a small – but I’ll be using the small for this upcoming vacay

Amazon (this is the large)
Amazon (this is the small)

Foldable Laundry Bag
To help keep the clean clothes separate from the dirty

Amazon SG

Wet Laundry Bag
Another laundry bag but this is for wet clothes so perfect for swimsuits

Amazon SG

Add a Bag Strap
These come in handy if you have a bag that doesn’t have a sleeve to put over the handles or to just join two suitcases together – I have traveled with 2 mid size check-ins and a carry-on suitcase before and it was not easy

Amazon SG
Amazon (not exactly the same but something similar)

Pill Box
Something to carry just enough meds for a short trip or for a long haul flight

Shein SG
Shein USA

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