Going for a staycation

Sorry for the radio or rather blog silence but since I’ve been working back in the office, I’ve been extremely busy with work and just too tired to do anything else when I’m home except for the day to day chores.

Now that travel has opened up more, I have wanted to travel but I decided to hold off on international travel and take a staycation instead. I usually travel at least twice a year but thanks to the pandemic I haven’t had the opportunity to. I decided to go for a staycation rather than go overseas so that I can avoid some of travel chaos I’ve hearing about as well as travel costs being higher though that is to be expected.

While I may not be flying to my destination, I will technically be going overseas but I just don’t require a passport lol.

So as part of my birthday celebrations next month, I’m treating myself to a solo staycation. I think it will be nice break and reset and hopefully the reduce anxiety and mild depression I’ve been experiencing thanks to the last two years.

In case you weren’t aware, I live in sunny Singapore which is one huge island with a bunch of little islands around. One such island is called Sentosa. It’s basically a resort island, so I’m going to stay there and “play tourist”.

I’ve booked a 5 day 4 night stay at the Hard Rock Hotel and the plan is to chill and check out some attractions like Universal Studios Singapore and SEA Aquarium.

I’m also going to take the opportunity to try out a bunch of new travel items I’ve picked up recently. I love trying new travel stuff to help find my idea travel stuff.

I plan on posting about these items and then after my little vacay, I’ll give my review on the items.

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