Supplies I Regularly Use

So I thought I would have a post of what I usually use in my planners and journals. These are my current faves or what I’m using at the moment. I’ll break it down into categories/groups. I’ll also try and provide links.


  • Pentel Energel Needle Point 0.5 – I only recently started using these and the thing I love the most about them is that they dry super quick so no risk of smears and smudges especially when drawing lines. I also love how smooth they are over a variety of papers from thick to thin. I prefer the needle point nib over the metal tip. I don’t know why but somehow the ink looks darker when I use the needle point.
  • Tombow Dual Brush Marker – They come in 108 different colours, well technically 107 with one colourless blender. I know a lot of people use these for brush script writing but I can’t write in a brush script to save my life so I use them mainly for colouring or making lines of colour instead.
  • Zebra Mildliners – I wish I had these when I was back in school because we only had the standard bright neon ones and those are just too bright for me. These however add just enough colour to a page without blocking whatever text it’s highlighting. They come in a variety of colours and colours that are not you typical highlighter colours.
  • Muji Gel – These were my go to pens before I discovered the Energels and I still use them on a regular basis. The write smooth on a variety of papers. The only downside to them is that the ink takes a little longer to dry so I have known it to smear now and then when taking away a ruler after drawing a line. These pens come in a number of colours and nib sizes but my fave is the black in 0.5 mm.
  • Pilot Precise V5 RT – I have a set of these in various colours. They are a needle point tip and I prefer the 0.5 mm nib. The colours are bright and the ink writes smoothly of various kinds of paper.


  • Versafine – I usually use this ink if I know I’m going to colour in something, especially with my Tombows or watercolours. This ink will not blend with them. I also love how crisp the lines are with this one. This is my main black ink.
  • Ranger Archival Ink – I usually reserve this for when I need to stamp on photos though I do sometimes use them on paper. Like the Versafine, this will not blend when used with Tombows or watercolours.
  • Premium Hybrid Ink – this is the ink I’m using for my main source of coloured inks. These can bleed through if the paper is too thin but they work fine in my Archer & Olive notebooks.
  • Soramame ink – this is another source of coloured inks. These come in little ink pots so more convenient to use when traveling and the colours tend to be more muted though there are some bright colours.


My stamp collection is made of a number of different brands but the following brands/stores are where I got a number of them from.

  • Studio Calico – I used to be subscribed to their TN kit which always had a stamp set in it so that’s where I got a lot of my stamps from but I’ve also purchased some others. I feel they have a nice selection of alphas and themed stamps and there are always new designs coming up.
  • – I gotten a few of their stamps sets, mostly in Alphas.
  • Everyday Explorers – I’ve only got a few of their sets but they are using have some nice themed ones and they always come out with a new design now and again.
  • Aliexpress – It can be a bit daunting search this website but if you have the time, it is worth searching through. I’ve gotten a number of alpha and date/day stamps from them and very low pricing.


  • Sweet Kawaii Design – I’ve actually been buying stickers from them on and off over the years. Their stickers are vinyl stickers and come in a number of different sizes which allows you to get the right size for your planner/journal. They also have a lot of different designs.
  • The CoffeeMonsterzCo – I’m been following Helen on Youtube and Instagram and I’ve love her stickers. Her stickers are paper stickers and there are ton of different designs for different purposes. And they are so cute. The stickers are a little on the small size but work perfectly for my bullet journal which is where I mainly use them. She has a store on her own site as well on Etsy.
  • Mac and Gray Designs – Another Etsy find. They have a number of designs and their stickers are paper stickers. I first came across them when I was looking for “work from home stickers” a couple of years ago.


  • Washi Tape – I get washi tape from all different brands but I’ll link my favourite brand. It’s not the brand but the design for me. I do try to control how many I get, and try to limit myself to what can fit in this one drawer I have allocated for them. I used to have a lot of washi tape but just never seemed to use them so now I really try to use them and not buy too many.
  • Bullet Journal stencils – I got a set of these stencils from Shopee but I’ve seen similar sets on Amazon so I’ll link one them instead. This particular set I have came as a set of 12 sheets with different designs on them.
  • Circle stencil – I love this stencil because it allows me to be able to draw really small circles to really large circles. I use this to draw a 3″ circle for the monthly title page in my daily journal.

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