My 2022 EDC Planner

This is what I carry around with me daily. It’s just a plain and simple layout and set up as I use this to keep track of birthdays, holidays, medical appointments, personal appointments, car rental bookings etc.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I’m using a MD Paper B6 slim grid notebook. I love the paper in these notebooks.

My initial pages consist of a title page, a year at a glance calendar and a future log. I use a lot of colour-coding in this planner, pink for holidays, green for birthdays, orange for special dates and blue for appointments.

I find that using colour helps when using a simple planner be it in the form of the ink you use or even washi tape. As I didn’t want tabs that would stick out, I used washi tape instead to help me “section” off each month. I took a set of 6 washi tapes I had in a range of greens and blues and then matched them to some mildliners and then assigned each washi and mildliner combo to 2 months out of the year.

My monthly views are on one page with holidays, birthdays and special days highlighted. I fold over the washi tape on the side of the page to create a tab of sorts so I can easily find each month.

I’m using a simple week-on-2-pages layout that provides with me with plenty of space to put in any information I would like. For my appointments, I usually just put the start time (unless there is a specified duration like my car club sharing rentals) and a short description.

Here’s a list of the supplies that I used, with links where possible:

MD Paper B6 slim grid notebook & plastic cover – link
AliExpress stamp set [Number outline and bold] – link
Versafine [Onyx Black] – link Premium Hybrid Ink [Mermaid] – link
MU Print-On Stickers [Watercolor Blue] – link
Year at a glance calendar – DIY
Zebra Mildliner [Mild Grey] – link
Zebra Mildliner [Mild Green] – link
Zebra Mildliner [Mild Summer Green] – link
Zebra Mildliner [Mild Citrus Green] – link
Zebra Mildliner [Mild Dark Blue] – link
Zebra Mildliner [Mild Blue Green] – link
Zebra Mildliner [Mild Cyan] – link
Washi Tape Sea – link
Pilot Precise V5 RT retractable pens [various colours] – link
Pentel EnerGel RTX Gel Pens, Needle Point, 0.5 mm [black and blue] – link

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