Planner/journal stack for 2022

Let me introduce you to my planners & journals. Going from top to bottom we have my every day carry planner, next we have by bullet journal, then it’s my work planner and last we have my daily journal.

Probably sounds crazy to have so many planners and journals but I’ve heard of people with more and people with less and people with none at all. My sis doesn’t use a planner, she has her appointments all on her phone and while I do that too, I just like having a paper version too.

Let me give you a brief run down on what I’m using for each planner/journal and how I’m using them. I have separate posts for each of them to go into more detail.

First, let me talk about my every day carry planner or EDC for short.

I’m using a MD Paper B6 slim grid notebook for this. This is just a basic planner. I could find one that actually had a layout that I liked while being in a small convenient size. This is small enough to fit in some of my smaller bags.

I created my own layout and use this to record things like holidays, birthdays, appointments, and there are pages in the back for taking notes.

Next up is my bullet journal.

I’m using an Archer & Olive travelers notebook for this. I keep my bullet journals simple. They are a place for me to make bullet points of my day (helps with my scrapbooking and daily journaling). I usually write about 3 – 5 bullet points for each day. I also have my to do lists here. For the moment there is no real consistency to the weekly layouts other than I try to keep them to a week on two pages view. I usually will work on the layout the week before (around mid week) though if I think of a layout I want to try, I might go ahead and do another week. Basically, I will have the current week and the following week set up and that’s because my plans can be pretty fluid and some days I may need to have more room for to do lists or schedules.

Next up is my work planner.

This is a custom order from Personal Planner. I had initially intended to use this as a memory planner but opted to use it for the office instead as I had my bullet and daily journals.

This year my office is back to an alternate week schedule, which basically means that half of the office will be working from home while the other half is in the office and then we switch every week. Typically for work, I just use our outlook calendar but given that I’m working off a laptop at home with a smaller screen (though I do have a larger second screen), I thought it would be easier for me to use this to take note of when my bosses or I are taking leave and maybe days that are office is closed for holidays. I’ll also include deadlines and appointments there. I work in a law firm with 4 bosses so having a paper planner which I can easily colour code might actually be helpful for a quick glance. I bring the planner back and forth each week.

The last one in the stack is my daily journal.

I’m using an Archer & Olive A5 notebook for this. This is where I can get a little creative with my layouts but the basic purpose for this is for me to write about something that happened each day or maybe just a brief run down of the day. A diary basically but with a little “arts and craft” thrown in.

So there are my planners and journals for the year.

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