Project Life 2018

So I decided to give Project Life a second chance plus it’s an excuse to use up whatever scrapbook supplies I kept after the great “purge” during my craft room clean up.

The plan album-wise, is one album and a one page weekly spread. Should there be some event, like a vacation, where I want to put more photos or journaling then that will be an insert but for the bulk of the year it will be a one page spread for each week.

The album I chose for 2018 is an American Crafts embossed fabric 12×12 I had in my stash. For the page protectors, I’ll be using Becky Higgins Project Life photo pocket pages in design A – I had left over supplies from my earlier failed attempts.

One thing I discovered about my previous failed attempts at Project Life was that I used to spend a lot of time just deciding what to use because I just had way too much stuff to choose from. Now that I had gone through all my scrapbook supplies and purged quite a bit, I decided to divide most of my supplies up into 6 “kits”. Each kit has more than enough supplies for two months worth of Project Life. The plan is to try to use as much of the stuff in each kit during the time period it’s been allocated for and any thing left over will be added to the next kit.

Once I had everything divided up, I packed everything up into Ziplock bags and the kits are stored in a Ikea DVD box.

The current kit is stored in a divided box I made out of foam board and a craft supply storage box I got a my local craft store.

My PL foam board box holds the following:

  • 4×6 cards (divided by type – title, journal, background and filler)
  • 3×4 cards (again, divided by type)
  • thickers
  • alpha sticker sheets
  • a Smash pad

My storage box holds the following:

  • brads
  • paper clips
  • ribbon
  • wood
  • elements
  • plastic elements
  • washi tape
  • stickers (flat and dimensional)
  • tags
  • pockets
  • frames
  • ephemera

My storage box is also divided so it helps to keep things in their little groups which in turn makes it easier to see what I have.

Fingers crossed that this works out and I actually complete the whole year lol.

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