The great craft room purge

So I had a room that was set up mainly for scrapbooking and crafts with a little corner for my computer. Over the last couple of years, my interests have somewhat changed. I still scrapbook and do crafts but not as much as I used to. Now I tend to journal more so I decided to redecorate my craft room to meet my new needs.

The first thing I had to do was to go through all my scrapbook and craft supplies and purge. And purge I did!

So over a period of a few weeks, I meticulously went through everything in the room and decided what I wanted to keep, what went to the trash and what was going to be “donated” to future crafts/scrapbookers.

One thing you have to understand is that I’ve had this craft room for almost 10 years now and there are supplies still in this room that I got when I first decided to have a craft room! Another thing to note is that I like a humid country and this room is not air conditioned both factors that affect the condition of my supplies.

Some could no longer be used because they were no longer sticky (in the case of thickers and stickers) or had turned yellow and faded (in the case of paper and project life cards). Basically I went through and cut down all my supplies by maybe half or even less than that.

Half of my stamp pads and clear stamps went to a friend of mine whose daughter is really getting into crafting and loving stamps. Other stuff had to be thrown because they were either ruined or just too yellow or in the case of thickers, had too few letters left and maybe I had a duplicate of that font lol.

I’m sure to scrapbookers out there I must seem crazy but like I said earlier, my interests have changed and too be honest, even my way of scrapbooking isn’t what you would call typical.

I would have to say that this whole process was very therapeutic. I think because I used to get stressed about when I was every going to use everything. I’ve also vowed not to buy any new stuff unless absolutely necessary for a new project – not buy just because it’s a new design I like lol.

After tackling that, the next step in the redeco process was to plan out the room and move the furniture but that’s all for another post.

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