2018 Journals – #1 My List Journal

Introducing the first of my 6 journals – my list journal.

As you’ve probably guessed, this journal is about lists. I came up with daily list prompts. Some of the prompts will help me to understand things going on in my life, some will make me think of things that I want and others will help me to record down what my likes/dislikes were at the time when I look back at them.

Here’s my list journal:

I’m using a large daily planner from Moleskine – I wanted something that was dated. I don’t always use the whole page for my list – sometimes the prompt just requires one word and I’m fine with that. I keep this journal simple with the prompt written in blue italic and my response in black – no decorating, just simple writing. The aim is that it should not take you more than 10 mins (5 mins is preferred) to complete a daily entry.

Here’s what a page looks like:

As for the prompts, I collected a bunch of prompts from different listing challenges and compiled them together. There are certain prompts that are repeated every month.

I’ll post up my prompts for January and February in a second post.

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