In Flight Essentials – my little Bag of Tricks

Whenever I go on a long haul flight I have to have this little bag of in flight essentials. It’s changed from time to time because I either discovered a new product or realized I was carrying something I didn’t used.

Given that I’m heading off for a trip tomorrow, I thought I’d show you what’s in mine.

Working from left to right, top to bottom, the first item of course is my pouch. This is a new one that I got from Typo. It’s made of nylon so I don’t have to worry about spills, if any.

Next we have mints. These are a chewable one that tastes like Wrigley spearmint gum. I should have sugar free but these aren’t just in case I need a sweet too.

A small packet of tissues always comes in handy in case you suddenly have a case of the sniffles. I tend to have a sinus attack whenever I’m super tired.

I have a couple of cotton pads in a little plastic baggie to use in my facial cleansing routine.

Moving on to the some cosmetic/skin care stuff. First up is a little spray bottle filled with a facial mist. In this case, it’s Pixi’s Hydrating Milky Mist – keeping yourself and your skin hydrated is super important on long hauls.

The little pink tube is a travel size version of Clinique’s Moisture Surge hydrating supercharged concentrate. I have a day leg and a night leg this trip so this is perfect for the day leg.

Your hands get dry too so I bring along a hand cream. My choice this time is Supergoop’s Forever Young hand cream in a travel size.

Lips are another thing that you need to keep hydrated so I’ve packed my Innisfree Canola Honey deep moisture lip balm.

To keep my eyes moist and sparkling, I’m bringing along some eye drops that are also suitable for a contact lens wearer like me.

Having a small mirror is always a good idea especially when you need or want to put contacts on at your seat.

Having some wet wipes is also a good idea to help freshen up. These are individually wrapped ones.

One of my fave hand sanitizers from Bath and Bodyworks in a travel size is next. This is from their aromatherapy range – Eucalyptus spearmint for stress relief.

In the next little tiny container is some Garnier Micellar water to cleanser my face.

The next little bottle is actually supposed to be a soy sauce container but it works perfectly to hold some sleeping mask from Pixi to use during the night leg of my flight.

The next little cutie is a travel size tube of Supergoop’s eye cream. This stuff is amazing at reducing puffiness and eye bags!!

Last but not least is a pair of contact lens to put on just before landing at my final destination. I’ll wearing my glasses for the duration of the flight. I tend to wear contacts more than glasses when I’m out but contacts on a long haul are just too much.

Everything fits perfectly into the pouch and I’ll usually take this out of my handbag/personal bag as soon as I get settled into my seat and stuff it into the seat pocket.

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