To YouTube or not to Youtube

So I’ve been debating about whether to start a YouTube channel or not. I think if I did it would be just as eclectic as my posts are lol.

I started thinking about this because I feel that I find it easier to watch a video of a tutorial rather than read about it on a blog, and wonder if others feel the same.

Of course starting a YouTube channel is going to take some planning – something I love to do hahaha. Here are some things I need to figure out

  • Do I want to have an intro or will people get bored of that and move on before the real video even starts?
  • How often do I plan on posting a video;
  • What software or app to use to edit videos given that I don’t always bring my laptop with me when I travel but my iPad does go everywhere with me, and I would probably want to take videos of my travels;
  • Do I vlog or not, because I normally don’t like to appear on camera hahaha but I suppose there is a way to vlog without actually appearing in the video hahaha;
  • What are the videos going to be about;
  • Live audio recording or only voice overs or a mixture of both;
  • Background music – yes or no, if yes, make sure that it’s legal to use the music.

So many things to think about. I would love to have your thoughts, comments, suggestions and video ideas/requests. 

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