Plan With Me

I thought this week I’d show you how I use my planner. 

Compared to some other planners, my way may be a tad boring but it works for me. Let me start off by showing you my monthly layout.

At the beginning of every month I’ll write in important dates, like birthdays, holidays, medical appointments, other special dates and when family time is. Birthdays are in green while holidays are pink, medical appointments are in brown and all other dates are in black. Family time is a work think – my office let’s us go home an hourly on the last Wednesday of every month. 

As you can see from above, I’ve also written in when summer starts. For the other days that are not important dates, I will fill in with a special days like national donut day – I don’t like too much blank spaces. I’ll either use stamps or draw this special dates and color them using either color pencils or mildliners.

Next up is my weekly spread…


I have a color scheme that I use to take note of certain things. Like the monthly layout, birthdays are in green, holidays in pink, and medical appointments in brown. Other appointments are written in purple and usually in the top one or two lines. As you can seen in the bottom of the right page there is a sticker that I made to help me record the results of baseball games of my fave team – the Kansas City Royals. I will record other baseball details on the daily sections – things like who the starting pitcher was, whether my fave player played and if anyone scored home runs. The baseball info will be written in blue and usually takes one or two lines. The last three or so lines are used for bullet points on what I did or how my day went and those are written in black.

Below is a picture of last week’s layout to help you understand better.


I hope this helps to understand what I was saying. I will sometimes add stickers as well to help fill blank spaces. I only had a medical appointment last week but the way I recorded that it how I indicate all appointments just using different colors. Appointments are indicated with the time first (using a 24 hr clock), the appointment type (i.e. eye appointment, dinner with so and so, etc) and then the location or meeting place in square brackets. I use hearts as bullet points for anything baseball related because I love baseball lol. 

As you can tell, I don’t mind using correction tape for when I make a mistake or what to change the info. You also notice that the baseball information and the score for Sunday’s came has not been written in and that’s because I live on the other side of the planet and usually the games are half a day behind me but I record them on the date they’re played in the US.  

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