My New Toy

So I was recently checking out the Lomography online store when I noticed that they now carry instant cameras too. I’ve always wanted a Lomo camera and had been debating about getting a Instax printer or not. I have an Instax camera that I hardly use it mainly because I don’t like the bulky shape of the camera and the fact that you can’t turn the flash off. And then I saw this…


Introducing the Lomo’instant camera. It looks like a vintage camera while using Fuji instax film. The camera comes in a variety of colors – mine is Lake Tahoe.

I ordered mine online and it was delivered within a week. Shipping time obviously depends on where you live – I live in Singapore so my order came from Hong Kong.

The Lomo’instant comes with different settings that allow you to turn the flash on or off, take long or multiple exposures, and there are lens attachments you can get that allows you to take fish-eye, portrait and close-up pictures – it comes with a wide-angle lens built-in.

I haven’t had the chance to play around with it yet or even read the little manual that came with it so once I get a handle on it, I’ll show the pictures that I’ve taken.

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