My Planner and Kit for 2017

My planner last year was a Webster’s Pages ring binder with homemade monthly and weekly inserts. My weekly inserts were a vertical week on two pages layout – similar to these. I loved the set up because the layout gave me plenty of room to note down appointments and bullet points about my day – sometimes too much room (because I lead a somewhat boring life most of the time lol) which meant space for decorating hehe. I could also add in little extra inserts like photos, postcards etc. By the end of the year, my ring binder was seriously fat and heavy. As much as I loved this set up, I had two issues – the weight of it and where do I store all the pages from last year? So I decided to try something else for this year.

My first thought was to go back to using a Traveler’s notebook set up but in a B6 size (4.9 x 6.9″). It didn’t take me long to get bored of this set up though because I couldn’t really add little extra bits like I could with the ring binder.

I decided to go back to a ring binder set up but thought to try to reduce the weight by going with a compact Filofax instead. I had the same set up for my inserts and while I could fit a whole year’s worth of weekly inserts, that was all I could fit – the crafter/journaler/scrapbooker in me was not a happy camper with that.

I then managed to get my hands on a Mini Happy Planner. The size was perfect (about the same as a B6), it was a week on two pages layout (though different layout from what I had previously but it was just enough room for me to note down appointments and my bullet points. I’d still have room to do a little decorating but the chances of having large amounts of empty space is so much slimmer that I don’t need to do extensive decorating. I love that I can also put in my little extras in should I want to and that I can take the pages out easily to work on them.

So here’s my planner for 2017…


It’s the undated “A Well Crafted Life” Mini Happy Planner by Me & My Big Ideas.

To keep things organised, I have a color code system for my planner – pink for holidays, green for birthdays, purple is for appointments, brown is for medical appointments, blue is for baseball and black for everything else.

If you’re wondering about the baseball bit, I’m a fan of the Kansas City Royals and I like to take notes about what happened during their games. I will note down who the starting pitcher was, if my fave player played, and who scored home runs. In the notes area of the weekly layout, I have a sticker I made to record down their schedule and scores for the week.

There are two other things I bring along with my planner…


In the middle is my pencil case and on the right is my DIY sticker book.

In my pencil case I have an ultra fine Sharpie marker (to be used on certain stickers I have), a 0.5 Zebra Sarasa Clip pen in brown, a 0.5 Zebra Sarasa Clip pen in pink, a 0.5 Zebra Sarasa Clip pen in green, a Uni Style Fit with blue, black and purple inks and a little correction tape.

In my DIY sticker book, I have a variety of stickers that I use in my planner. The stickers I tend to use in my planner are ones I get from The Reset Girl and Sweet Kawaii Design.

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