Project Life 2015 – Attempt No. 3

I decided to give Project Life another try but this time I’m changing things to suit me. I tried to do it the “traditional” way of using a two page spread for the week but I had so much trouble filling up all the space.

I had a good think to try to figure out why I wasn’t able to complete it the previous two attempts and I came to discover a few key points that may have been the problem and then thought on how to solve them. So here we go:

1. Space

There was just too much space in a two page spread for me to fill thanks to my somewhat boring life.
Solution – use a one page spread instead and if I think I’ll have a lot more things to show for the week, I’ll just use an insert which would flow to the next week if necessary.

2. Too Many Choices

Because my sis and I had bought and shared a number of the earlier sets, I had way to many PL cards to choose from and finding the “right” one would take a lot of time.
Solution – I organised my PL cards into backgrounds, journalling and fillers and by size. I then took 10 ziplock bags and in each of them I put in the following:

4 3×4 journalling cards;
4 3×4 background cards;
4 4×6 background cards;
2 4×6 journalling cards; and
2 4×6 bi-fold journalling cards (usually use them as 4×6 cards)

The cards are randomly picked and I try to use them unless something special is needed. As there are 10 bags, I use a different bag each week and rotate them every 10 weeks. Once I’m done with that week’s spread, I just replace what I used and put it at the back of the stack.

3. Plan

I used to spend a lot of time planning out my layouts but now I try to keep them simple and as long as they are from that week, it doesn’t matter where on the page it goes. I now use my iPad mini to do the planning and use a template I made and the app Bamboo Paper to plan. This way I can plan anytime, I don’t have to wait till the end of the week. If something happens during the week that I know I want to put in my PL, I straight away put it into the plan, sometimes even doing the mini layout straight away and putting it in the page protector before I’ve done the rest. I don’t just wait till the end of the week.

4. Use my stash

I found I would plan something and then decide I didn’t have the right things to do what I wanted to and then go hunting for the things I wanted only to have to put the PL on hold till I found what I wanted. Now I plan to just use what’s in  my stash which also means I reduce my spending on scrapbook supplies as I have way too much that’s not being used. The money saved will go towards vacays lol.

So far I would have to say that the plan is working out well. Up until last week, I was pretty much up to date but work and having to study for a Korean level test on top of getting ready for my trip next week have put me behind but now that my test is over (I passed!), I’m going to try to catch up tomorrow. Of course thanks to my trip I’ll be behind again but as I’m bringing my laptop and iPad mini with me, I can do the planning and photo editing while I’m on vacay which should make it a lot easier to do a catch up when I get back.

Fingers crossed that I’m able to keep this up and finally finish a year!

I’ll put up another post of what I’ve done so far.

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