Innisfree Haul

As I mentioned before in my previous post, I’ve decided to switch to no sulfate and no paraben products. I also wanted to revamp my skin care routine, which to be honest, consisted mainly of foam cleanser. I only used moisturisers or creams when I travelled on the plane and when I went to drier climates, but after reading a bit more about how and why Korean women have such fantastic skin, I decided to try out a Korean style skin care routine.

I was previously using a cleanser from The Face Shop but I discovered that sadly most of their products contain parabens so I decided to look into some of the other Korean brands that are available here. We have a few of the more common ones like Etude House, Tony Moly, Belif and Innisfree. I’m the type of person who prefers to be able to get all my makeup and beauty products from one location, be it a store like Sephora that carries many brands or a single brand store. With that in mind and after reading a few reviews on various products, I decided to go with Innisfree.

So last Saturday after class, I headed down to one of the three Innisfree stores here. I had a few items in mind for purchased based on recommendations from my bestie who was using these products but as there was a wide selection for the skin care products I was a bit at a loss at what would be the right products for me so I ended up approaching one of the sales assistants for help. One thing I noticed about the sales assistants at Innisfree is that they didn’t come up to be and try to sell me things or do that hovering method that some sales assistants seem to do here. Once I asked for help though, the girl was extremely attentive and knowledgeable. Another great thing about her was that she didn’t automatically try to sell me the most expensive products but actually recommended the products that would work best – strange as it sounds but it is a thing that happens way too often here. She explained the benefits of each of the products and let me try them. By the time we were done, I had gotten all the basic products I would need for my new skin routine (all the daily products plus a clay mask) as well as a CC cream, a pressed mineral powder and an eyeliner.

Like I mentioned early, I had a few items already in mind that I wanted to get and they were an eye cream, a clay mask and a mineral powder. Without knowing that I had these items in mind, the girl actually recommended me the very products I had considered lol. So here’s my haul:

My haul consisted of the following (from back row to front row, left to right):

  1. Green Tea Pure Cleansing Foam
  2. Green Tea Pure Balancing Skin – this is the toner
  3. Green Tea Pure Cleansing Oil – I only use this to remove my make up
  4. Green Tea Mineral Mist – there was a promotion pack containing two sizes, 150 ml and 50 ml
  5. Eco Science White C Double Eye Cream – comes with both a day and night cream in one container
  6. Eco Safety No Sebum Sunblock
  7. Real Skin Color Control Cream
  8. Green Tea Pure Balancing Lotion
  9. Green Tea Seed Serum
  10. Green Tea Balancing Cream
  11. Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask
  12. No Sebum Mineral Pact
  13. Green Barley Multi Cleaning Tissue
  14. Windy Lip Balm
  15. Powderproof Brush Liner – brown

As you can see, most of my skin care stuff is from the Green Tea range, which is supposed to be best for my skin type which is combination with an oily t-zone. It’ll probably take my skin about a month or so to get used to the products and the new routine so I’ll let you know how things go then.

The best part about shopping at a Korean beauty brand store is they always give freebies. The store had a gift for all purchases of $100 and seeing as I had spent over $300, I was entitled to 3 of the gifts but the sales girl was kind enough to change one of them to a few boxes of samples for two different skin care ranges – combine one box from each range and I had a handy little travel skin care routine kit. Here are the freebies I go:


  1. two sets of the tangerine blossom perfume body travel kit, which comes with a body jelly mist, body cleanser, body essence and a shower ball – I was a bit concerned about the body cleanser because I noticed that it contained ammonium laureate sulfate and ammonium lauryl sulfate but I’ve done a check and these are derived from coconut so I think I’ll give it a try
  2. a metal spatula – I can use this for getting my volcanic clay mask out of its pot
  3. a folded hanging toiletries bag – the sales girl threw this in as a bonus
  4. two sets of the eco science white C kit, which comes with a toner, lotion and cream – half of a skin care routine
  5. two sets of the apple juicy special cleansing kit, which comes with a cleansing oil, a lip and eye makeup remover and a cleansing foam – the other half of a skin care routine
  6. 5 sets of the eco science wrinkle spot essence – each set actually has two 1 ml samples of the product

I’ll be bringing one set each of the three sample kits on my upcoming trip to Bali. While they’re not the products I’m actually going to use daily, these kits save me from having to decant all of my products though I will definitely decant my Green Tea Seed serum and my eye creams.

I’ll do an update on my skin care routine after about a month so do check back for that!


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