Annual Free Vacay Time!

It’s time for my annual free vacay. I’m lucky enough to work in a firm that takes all its staff for a free vacay every year, granted it’s a short vacay (3 days, 2 nights) and it’s somewhere nearby (no longer than a 4 hr flight) but hey it’s free!

Our annual firm trip usually happens over a weekend sometime in July, August or September. Given the sheer size of the group that goes – we have about 600 plus staff members – we usually split into two groups with one half of the office will leave on the Friday and come back on the Sunday while the other half will leave on the Saturday and come back on the Monday. This is also so that we don’t have to close the office. For each group there are usually at least 2 (sometimes 4) flight groups and it’s based on pure luck on which flight you’ll get. We usually travel on regular airlines but for certain locations we have also flown on budget airlines. One thing for sure though is we will always be staying in a top-notch hotel, usually either a 5 star or above, all thanks to the bosses hehehe. We also have our annual dinner and dance while we’re there on the Saturday night. Our trip is pretty much free & easy with hotel/airport transfers and daily breakfast. Everything else is completely up to us! Of course there are some rules – attendance at the dinner and dance is compulsory and no extensions. Of course there are some flexible options such as you can bring along your immediate family (i.e. spouse and kids) but of course you have to pay for their share of the trip (airfare and hotel) and rooms are usually twin sharing but you can opt to take a single room (with a surcharge). I took my own room last year and I’m doing that again – it allows me to have the option to have a friend/family member join me during the trip – they just need to arrange their airfare.

We’ve gone to a number of places likes Bangkok, Phuket, Hong Kong and Ho Chi Minh with Bangkok and Hong Kong being the regular destinations. This year, for a change, we’re heading to Bali! I’ve never been so it’s a definite must for me to go on this trip. We’ll be staying at the Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua (woohoo) and we’re flying either on Singapore Airlines or Jetstar. I’ll be on one of the Jetstar flights but that’s fine by me because the flight times for the Jetstar flight are way better than the Singapore Airline ones lol. I’ve leaving mid morning and returning in the evening while the other airline is leave super early in the morning and returning mid morning!

So I’ll be heading to Bali at the end of the month for my free fun in the sun! This time round, I’ll post while I’m there.

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