Got myself a new Filofax

About a month ago I picked up cute compact patent Filofax but it took me two weeks to actually get round to setting it up.
I didn’t intend on getting a new FF because I was happy with my Doodle but just happened to see it while out shopping for other stuff and just couldn’t resist. I’ve always liked and wanted the patent one, especially the dark purple one but it wasn’t available in the personal compact size…until now! They didn’t have the purple one the day I was in the store but loved this light blue one or rather the duck egg as FF calls it. For those who don’t know, the covers on my iPhone, iPod and iPad mini all happen to be in this sort of teal/light blue colour. It wasn’t planned, it just sort of happened, and to be honest when I saw the colours that were available for this patent compact FF, I didn’t even think about it and picked this one over the others only to realise after I got home that it matched the rest of the stuff hahahaha.


The patent compact comes with the usual FF inserts (6 dividers, week-to-2-page diary, ruled notepaper, checked notepaper, plain paper, some colour notepaper, etc). Unlike the Doodle, which has a plastic pocket insert with a pen loop, the patent compact comes with an elastic pen loop and also has pockets on the two inside covers. That was a big draw for me as it gives me a place to put certain papers (like shopping vouchers) in a place where they won’t so easily fall out.

I had been planning on changing the set up for my Doodle but ended up just doing it for this one instead. I transferred a lot of my stuff from my Doodle into this one but I decided to cut down on the number of sections but either removing or consolidating a few of the previous ones. The first thing I did was make my new dividers. There are now 4 instead of 6.


Here’s my new set up:

  1. Given that I now have an elastic pen loop, I decided to put in my 3 barrel Coletto pen instead of having two Friction pens. I have blue ink for my appointments, purple of my daily recordings and pink for whatever else.
  2. Don’t need my old fly-leaf with the pen loop anymore so that got left out so the first thing you see is my cover page – same as the one before.
  3. The section behind the cover page is still the same – card holder, year calendar, month-to-a-page calendar with bookmark for the current month.
  4. First divider is still the same – my “Weekly” section which holds my week-to-2-page calendar with bookmark for the current week – I keep about 4 months worth of pages.
  5. The second divider is labelled “Blog / YouTube” which just has note paper where I list ideas for blog entries or YouTube videos – I’m thinking of having a YouTube channel but still working out stuff because I’ve never had one before lol.
  6. The third divider is labelled “Lists/To Do” – this is the same as what I had before
  7. My last divider is labelled “Notes” – this is now a combination of my travel, Korean and notes section in my previous set up. I realised I was only using a few sheets for each of these so decided to combine the into one but just use different coloured note paper to make it easier to differentiate.
  8. I’ve complete removed my Project Life section and instead I do my planning in a Moleskine pocket cahier instead. I found that whenever I was trying to plan my PL pages, I would keep flipping back and forth. This way, I can have my little cahier open while looking at my weekly diary without having to flip back and forth. The cahier is just kept on top of everything and stays in place thanks to the closure fastener.
  9. I left out the pocket/pen holder and the slide zipper pocket of post its. I found I wasn’t really using the post-its, so I pared it down to one design and slipped a few of them into the back pocket along with my washi tape key.


The closure fastener on the compact patent does sort of restrict how much you can actually put into the FF so I was constantly checking to make sure I could close it without too much trouble or too much strain on the closure. The size of the pen also played a part.

So what do you think?

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