Custom Luggage Tags

Some time towards the end of last month, I decided I wanted to get new luggage tags for my various bags. I don’t really like to take off the tag from a bag just to put it on another for one particular trip so I decided to get one for each and every one of my bags – I have a number of different bags I use for traveling – it all depends on where and how long I’m going for. I knew I wanted something that was different and unique so I was either going to get something custom done or make it myself. Now I have a preference for leather luggage tags that come with the mini belt to attach it to your bags. I searched Amazon and Etsy and ended up finding a store on Etsy that had a tag in the style I liked and they even did custom designs. As I wanted to get a few, I sent the seller a message and asked if they would consider giving me a discount if I ordered 10 pieces of the custom one – I thought I’d give some to my sis if she wanted them – and I’m happy to say that the seller was willing to give me a discount as well as one flat rate for shipping.The price may have been slightly more than getting something from the store (they ended up costing me about S$10 each) but at least I was getting something unique. I started checking my photos to see what I could use and ended up using one I had taken while on flight and added a short quote by Hans Christian Anderson. The seller was nice enough to send me a mock up for approval before they started printing them. About 2 days after placing the order, I got a notification saying they had been shipped and the arrived on my door step about a week later! 20140613-222713-80833203.jpg They came in two little boxes holding 5 each and each individual tag was wrapped in plastic. 20140613-222928-80968066.jpg The seller even included a little plastic card offering me a discount for my next purchase! 20140613-223051-81051475.jpg I then went to make my own info tags to put into them using a QR code. 20140613-223159-81119686.jpg So what do you think? If you’re interested in getting some for yourself, do check out Beanbean’s Etsy store here

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