My Everyday Filofax

My first ever Filofax was a Metropol in the personal size and while I loved how I could put everything in it, after about a week in my handbag it started to feel like a brick!

As much as I loved my Metropol, I just couldn’t take the weight so I started looking into the compact personals. I still had some vouchers for Takashimaya (thanks boss#1), so I went to check out what FFs they had. Luckily for me they had the Doodle. Thanks to my vouchers I only paid less than S$10 for it hehehehe.


What attracted me to the Doodle was the fact that you could draw on the cover. I’ve had it for a while now (got it near the beginning of the year) but I still haven’t figured out what I want to draw on the cover lol.


As soon as you open my FF you’ll see my fly leaf which has a cut down Filofax Flex pen holder stuck to the back of it. I stuck the “awesome” sticker to the pen holder before I stuck it to the fly leaf. This pen holder holds my purple Pilot Frixion pen.

The next thing you come to is my cover page. This is a photo I took while I was in Omaha a couple of years ago. I printed it on to paper, cut it down to size and then laminated it.


After that I have a card holder which currently holds an instax picture I took during my first trip to Seoul last year, a card with my contact details and FF registration number, and FF contact numbers.

Following that I have a contacts list of more important numbers for just in case I don’t have or have lost my cellphone. I’ve blurred out the details for privacy.


After that is a yearly calendar for 2014 and then my month-to-a-page calendars.


The rest of my FF has been divided into sections. I have 6 dividers which I made myself. I also made two markers to help me quickly go to the current month and week. I made this based on the “today” ruler than normally comes with the FF so that I can take them out and move them without opening the rings.


The first section is my weekly calendar section. I use a one-week-to-2-pages layout. I believe I got the template for this from mylifeinoneplace and then modified it to use a font I liked. I use a blue Pilot Frixion pen for my appointments and a purple one to record what happened during the day. I also use skinny washi tape to indicate when I’m on leave and on vacation. I sometimes do a little bit of decorating on my pages but normally keep it to the notes section at the top of pages.

The second section is for my Project Life planning. I created my own template for my layout planning. The next four sections just have note paper in them. My third section is called Travel and this is where I write notes for my various trips and for planning purposes. The four section is called Korean and this is where I write notes for my Korean language course. My fifth section is called Lists/To Do and I think you can guess what’s in that section. My final section is called Notes and this is where I’ll just write everything else.


At that back of all that is the pocket and pen holder that came with the Doodle which is where I keep my blue Pilot Frixion pen. I have a tag in the pocket which I use as a key for my washi tape. Behind that is slide zipper pocket which holds various kinds of post-its.

And that’s my everyday Filofax set up.

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