No selfies for me, I do feetsies instead

Practically everybody these days takes selfies, I on the other hand prefer not to and tend to take pictures of my feet instead so I guess you could call the “feetsies” lol. Here are some that I took during the trip.


Took this at the gate while waiting to board. I think it’s high time the airport updated their carpet lol


This was taken on my first day while standing at Gwanghwamun Square. There was a Chinese tourist watching me wondering what I was doing, so curious that when I walked away he stood where I was to see if there was something on the floor lol


First night in the hotel, enjoying the comfy bed and an old episode of NCIS


Had to take a few shots to get this one, took it while walking along Cheonggyecheon.


I’m usually standing when I take feetsies but I took this one while sat on a bench along the Han River


Here’s the last one of the trip. This was taken while at the gate at Incheon Airport while waiting to board the plane. I should have taken one while I was on the plane hehehe.

So what do you think?

2 thoughts on “No selfies for me, I do feetsies instead

  1. awittymind says:


    I prefer taking pictures of my feet, too. But I hashtagged them #footies. I love sneakers and I don’t want to post normals selfies too often.

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