Destination : Seoul – Day 6

Woke up and took my time getting ready and then packed the last of my stuff into my suitcase and carry on bag before heading down to the concierge for my express checkout. I was able to do the express checkout because I had prepaid for my stay and hadn’t incurred any other charges.

Once I checked, I headed to the bus stop to catch the airport bus. Talk about timing because within a minute of me reaching the bus stop, it showed up – woohoo! The weather was little grey but I still enjoyed the view from the bus.


As is my usual luck with airports, the bus dropped me off at one end of the terminal while my check-in counter was at the other end. It’s times like this that I wish my suitcase was a spinner but sadly it isn’t, it’s just a two-wheeler. So off I went dragging my bag to the other side of the airport so I could check it in. Once I got that all sorted out, I headed into the departure hall to clear immigration and customs.

I’m one of those people who prefer to reach the airport and don’t mind killing time there, more time for shopping lol. I like to go early because you never know if you’ll be delayed because of traffic or if there is a super long queue to check in or clear immigrations and customs. By the time I had cleared immigration and customs, I had just little over 90 minutes before my flight so off I went in search of food. Just my luck, the gate was at one end of the terminal but luckily for me there were a few food places near it.

Spent the flight watching a bunch of different movies. What I love about Korean Airlines is that they start their entertainment system as soon as you board. I prefer to use my own headphones and usually have an adapter so that I can use them on the plane but that’s not necessary for Korean Airlines as their headphone outlet is just a single jack that fits regular headphones.

A funny thing happened while I was waiting to disembark the plane after it landed in Singapore, the girl who had been sat in the row behind looked at me and then asked me if I went to Daehan – that’s my Korean language school – and of course I said yes. Turns out she’s in a lower level class that starts at the same time as mine and had seen me at school lol. We then started talking about our trips only to discover that we had been on the same flight heading to Seoul lol. Can you imagine that?


 1. My plane waiting for me to board; 2. waiting for my luggage at Changi Airport; 3. my luggage

Once I got my suitcase, it was off to the cab stand to head home. And so that’s the end of my trip to Seoul, can’t wait for the next one lol.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my trip.

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