Destination : Seoul – Day 5

Had a bit of a slow start mainly because I was so tired from the day before that I had trouble sleeping but then why rush, I’m on holiday lol. Gave breakfast a miss but grabbed a chocolate milk and a bottle of water on my way to the subway station. My first stop for today was the National Assembly building. From there I headed to towards the Han River. I wanted to walk by the National Assembly building because I was hoping to catch a glimpse of cherry blossoms. The road behind the National Assembly near the Han River is lined with cherry blossom trees. Unfortunately the cherry blossoms had bloomed early this early and had actually bloomed two weeks before so they were all gone by the time I got there – boohoo.

After seeing that all the trees were bloom-less, I walked down to the Han River and walked in the direction of Yeouido Park. The sky wasn’t that clear today though still a little bright. The view from the river was really nice and I even walked past an area that had appeared in the Korean monster hit movie “The Host”. They even had one of those cardboard “stick-your-head-in” things there telling you that the movie was filmed there. I walked along the river until I reached Yeouinaru station.


From the Han River, I made my way to Sinsa and Garosu-gil. Garosu-gil is a street lined with cafes and boutiques of high-end brands, big name brands, local brands as well as local designers. Given that it was lunch time, I decided to get some lunch before checking out the street.


Like I said earlier, the street is lined with cafes but most of them are on the upper levels and I had difficulty trying to find the entrances for the upper levels. I eventually found one that was a street level hehe so that’s where I had lunch. The name of the restaurant was Sognare and turned out to be an Italian restaurant lol so of course I had pasta lol. Of course the pasta was delicious.


After that satisfying lunch, I took a stroll up and down the street. From there I headed over to the Express Bus Terminal station because I wanted to check out Central City. Unfortunately most of the stores in the mall were closed as Shinsaegae was closed for their monthly clean up. I decided to head back to Myeongdong to have one last dinner and a last round of shopping.

As the sun was still out, I decided to check out Myeongdong Cathedral. I had actually gone there on my first day in Seoul but as it was the Holy Thursday (the Thursday before Easter), there was a special service going on and I didn’t think it was appropriate to take a picture of the Cathedral then.


After the Cathedral I headed over to a little cafe/restaurant I had found on my first trip to Seoul – Bon Bibimbap – to have my fave, bulgogi jjigae, one more time. The portion at this place is just right and it’s pretty cheap too! 6,500 won for the set you see below – that’s about S$7.90 or US$6.30.


After dinner, I headed out to Myeongdong in search for some last-minute purchases and a birthday present for my nephew. After getting everything that I wanted, I realised I still had quite a bit of Korean won so off I went to get myself some Kpop CDs. I had been holding back on buying any for the whole trip but seeing as I had money left over, I decided to treat myself hehe. CDs in Korea are cheap compared to back home but then that’s because they’re all imported plus the version they sell back home is sometimes different from what’s available in Korea.


I had one last thing to get before heading back to the hotel and that was the famous tall ice cream cone. I wanted to take a picture but I had my shopping in one hand, the ice cream cone in the other plus you can’t resist that ice cream and eat it as soon as it’s in your hand lol. It’s basically a softer ice cream cone but they make it so tall, it’s like 30 cm/11.8 inches in height. They had 3 flavours on offer so I went with the chocolate vanilla twist one. It was really nice and not too creamy and tasted even better in the cool weather.

As I enjoyed my ice cream, I headed back to the hotel. Time to start packing. It doesn’t usually take me too long to pack but of course I was watching tv as I packed so it took a little longer than normal. And so ends my last night in Seoul.

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