Destination : Seoul – Day 3

Started my day with what seems to becoming my routine with a donut from Dunkin Donuts and a chocolate milk from 7-11 lol. What can I say, the two stores are opposite one another and are on the way from the hotel to the subway station lol. A bonus is that it’s a quick and cheap breakfast hahaha. 1,000 won for the chocolate milk and 1,200 won for the donut. I can actually choose between three subway stations but usually take the closest one when I set off but usually prefer to come back via one of the others lol.

First destination of the day – Hongdae! After my quick breakfast, I hopped on the train at Euljiro 1(il)-ga station and headed to Hongik University station and used exit 9. It’s always nicer to head to Hongdae on the weekends because there’s more people there and plus the free market is open. The free market is sort of like a flea market of sorts with artists and students selling their crafts and creations. I’ve been to Hongdae before but wanted to explore more of it this time round. Given that it was still a bit early, I decided to check out some of the artwork that was around.


While checking these out, I came across a stationery shop I had heard about, Morning Glory, so went in to have a look. I can’t resist stationary shops. It was your typical stationary shop but they had a lot of art supplies and that so I managed to pick up another pen for my daily doodling. I also picked up a planner refill that would fit my Filofax. I probably won’t use the monthly or daily section but I will definitely use the notepaper and there was also a map of the Seoul subway system which will be handy hehehe and it only cost 4,000 won! I also got some cute notepaper for my Filofax for 3,000 won.

After the stationery shop, I headed over to where most of the stores and people were and spent a good two hours or so looking around but sadly didn’t manage to pick anything up. By this time, it was lunchtime so now I was on the hunt for something to eat and I was strangely enough craving pasta! So after walking around a bit checking out the various different restaurants and cafes (and there are a lot in Hongdae), I settled on Letia. It was a nice little cafe on an upper floor and their pasta was super yummy. I’ve been lucky with my food choices so far and hopefully it stays that way but then I’m not much of a foodie and only eat for sustenance lol so simple meals are fine by me.


What was cute about this restaurant was that they served the water in chilled wine bottles. Great way to recycle!

While sitting there having my lunch, a thought came to me. As most of my friends and family know, I’m a big fan of the Korean variety show called Running Man – I won’t bother explaining about the show here but if anyone wants me to post about the show, let me know lol. Anyways, one of the regular members of the show, Haha, has a restaurant in Hongdae. Granted I was already having my lunch but I wanted to try to find the restaurant so that I knew where it was for the next visit and well just because it was Haha’s restaurant lol. I didn’t have full details of the restaurant so went a “googling” and came across a blog of someone who had been and had put a map of how to get there, so after lunch I went in search of the restaurant. I usually pretty good with directions and maps unless of course the directions and maps are a little crap lol. I wasn’t exactly following the path that they indicated on the map as I was coming from a slightly different direction but I do know I was on the right path but unfortunately they had been using an old map so a lot of their points of references where no longer there and I didn’t manage to find it. I’ve since found a blog which had better directions as well as the exact address and it seems that I was actually pretty close to it but rather than turning right when I should have, I went straight lol. Oh well another thing to add to the list of “things to see and do on my next trip to Seoul” hahaha. One of the other members, Gary, also has a restaurant in Gangnam so that will be added to my list lol. Both of them are BBQ places hehehe.

While I didn’t find Haha’s restaurant, I did come across this cool looking restaurant. I believe it’s a German restaurant and the building looks like a mini castle!


Okay enough about that, after I realised I wasn’t going to find it, I decided to give up and head on to my next destination so I hopped back on the subway and made my way to Ewha Woman’s University station so pay a visit to Ewha’s campus as well as the shops in the area. I got out of the station using exit 2 and walked down the street towards Ewha’s campus. There a number of stores (a number of them being beauty stores) along this road as well as some little street cart stores selling all sorts of things from phone accessories, accessories and food.

Ewha Woman’s University has been around for quite some time so the buildings on the campus are a blend of old and new.


After checking out the front area of the campus, I went to explore the streets around the area. There were a lot of shoe stores! I went into one and I noticed that they had arranged the shoes according to sizes and while I don’t have big feet (it’s a US 7.5 – US 8 considered big???), I didn’t manage to find anything and the sales guy kept on pointing me to the sneakers – dude I know I’m wearing sneaker but that doesn’t mean I only buy sneakers lol. Again I didn’t really bother looking at clothes because while I may be considered to be of average size in the US, I’m not in Asia lol so finding clothes from little street side stores like these are a little difficult.

After walking around the area, I hopped back on to the subway and made my way to Seoul Station to pay a visit to Lotte Mart. I guess the best way to describe Lotte Mart is that it’s kind of like Walmart or Target where it basically has everything under the sun from a grocery section to clothing to sports equipment to electronics to everything else lol. They even have a pet section that had puppies for sale! My purpose for going to Lotte Mart – to look for some local snacks to give my classmates from my Korean language course lol. After getting the snacks for them and some ziplock bags (forgot to bring some extras) I headed back to the hotel.


I decided to go via the City Hall station back to the hotel so that I could walk through the underground mall to have a look at the stores there. I initially thought to go straight for dinner but when I came out from the underground mall, I noticed that it was drizzling and the temperature was starting to drop. I was only wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a vest and didn’t think it would cut it so I popped up to the room to drop off my shopping and to switch to my jacket. As I was heading down, I had a sudden craving for Japanese curry. I don’t usually take spicy food but Japanese curry is not exactly spicy and I do love it hehehe. I didn’t have to search long for Japanese curry because there was a Coco Curry directly opposite the back entrance of my hotel hehehe.

There was so many choices for the kind of meat you’d like and you can also choose the level of spiciness you’d like for your curry. I opted for minced pork patty with a level 1 curry hehehe.


The food portions in Korea and really generous and I think this was actually the only day I had 3 full means. On other days I’d have my quick breakfast and lunch and then just a snack for dinner but today I was super hungry. I think it’s because it was kind of cool out and I had been walking around outside a lot today.

As expected, dinner was yummy and fully satisfying. I called it an early night because I have a lot of walking planned for tomorrow so I want to be sure I’m rested.

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