Travel Filofax – Part 2

I thought I’d tell you what I bring along together with my travel Filofax for journaling.

I have one pen in my travel FF and I carry a few other writing tools in a small pencil-case. Here’s what I carry everywhere with me:


  1. I got this skinny little pencil-case from Artbox. It doesn’t take up much room in my bag and it can hold all my pens that you see here with room for a couple more
  2. Pentel multi 8 pencil from Muji – it has 8 different colored pencils and the lead is like 2mm thick so it’s like 8 coloring pencils in one. The colors are black, blue, green, red, orange, brown, flourescent yellow and flourescent pink
  3. Copic Multiliner pen (0.3mm nib) – I use this for my art journal pages
  4. Zig Photo Signature pen – I brought this along in case I wanted to write something on my photos
  5. Pilot Coletto Pen (3 barrels) – 3 ink pens in light blue, light green and pink
  6. Pilot Coletto pen (4 barrels) – 3 ink pens in blue, black and purple and 1 mechanical pencil. This one is kept in my travel FF and I use the blue mainly for my journaling. I use the black and purple inks for recording my expenses (black for shopping and purple for food). I use the pencil for keeping track of my balances in my expenses
  7. Sharpener for my multi 8
  8. Eraser

There are another two pouches that I bring along with me but these stay in the hotel room. The first is my stationary pouch.


This pouch holds my stickers (I keep some of these in the zippered pocket of my travel FF), spare post-its, spare inserts (mainly lined paper, sketch paper and inserts for the my guide section), a deco tape runner and a glue tape runner (for sticking in my photos and anything else I want to stick in my journal lol).

The last pouch is actually my gadget/cable pouch and the item that hides in there that I use is my LG Pocket Photo printer.


This little baby is prints out 2×3 photos which I use in my journal. It uses Zink paper so no ink cartridges needed and it can print about 10 photos per charge. It’s actually small enough and light enough to carry around if I needed to but I’d rather wait till I get back to the hotel to print my pics. The photos are not of the best quality but I good enough for me for my journal. What I love about this little printer is that I can just send my photos from my smart phone using an app using bluetooth or if your smart phone has NFC capability then that’s an option too. There is a micro USB port on one side but I believe that it’s just for charging and you can’t actually connect a camera to the printer. Might have to try to find out though even when I bring along my micro DSLR, I still take pics with my cell phone lol.

My after thoughts on my travel FF

One thing that worried me about using a Filofax for my guidebook-journal combo was the size of it but that was unwarranted because it was actually a good size. It kept everything in one place but wasn’t bulky so that it was heavy or that I had to rely on a big bag to carry it around with me, I actually went out one of the days with slim Kate Spade Jan crossbody bag (see here) and I had no trouble putting my FF and pencil-case together with my wallet and a few other things in it.

Another thing I realised was that there were certain parts of my FF that I didn’t or barely used. That would have been mainly the guide book, especially the dine section as I would just look for somewhere to eat whenever I felt hungry lol. I also looked at the shop and sightseeing sections a couple of times and only to check on directions lol. I also only looked at the phrases section a couple of times and only to just double-check on certain phrases. I seemed to be okay on communicating in Korean though I kept things simple lol and mainly only asked how much things were or to order food hahaha. When it comes to ordering food in a foreign country, it’s always easy to order by the number (if available) or by pointing at the photo or item in the menu lol. I tried not to rely on the phrase book because I wanted to practice my Korean too. I think for my next version of my travel FF, I’ll downsize my guide section, and just put those places I’m planning on going to and rather than separating them, I’ll combine them into one but have different colored text for each category for easy viewing and completely forget about the dining section. I’ll also pretty much ignore the phrase book section – if really needed then I’ll just get a pocket phrasebook lol. This should give me more room for my journaling section and I’ll add a notes section.

2 thoughts on “Travel Filofax – Part 2

  1. Andrea says:

    I have a mini Polaroid printer and I use the USB download cable that you would usually use if downloading to a computer and I can print directly from my camera as well as my phone. I can also attach it to my computer if you can find a double ended USB cable as well. With my Polaroid if I print whilst connected to a power socket I can print as much as I like. Most of this info I found in customer reviews on Amazon. I love my little printer and as you say it adds that extra touch to travel journals on the the spot.
    Thank you for this post.

    • sandramaepearl says:

      I have the Polaroid pogo printer too and while it works great with my camera via the USB cable, I don’t always travel with my camera and usually just have my cell phone so I love that my LG pocket printer works well with my cell phone

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