Me and My Filofaxes

Towards the end of last year I decided to try to get a little more organized and given that I like writing things down, be it appointments, to do lists or even a list of things to buy, I decided to get myself a Filofax. What started out as one has now become a collection of 4 plus one faker.


[left to right: A5 faker; Metropol Personal; Doodle Compact; Back To School Compact; Domino Pocket]

The first one I got was actually the Metropol Personal in black.


Out of all the different sizes for Filofaxes, I love the personal size the best. I think that the size of paper is big enough to put quite a lot of information yet small enough to be very portable. I picked the Metropol because I wanted a simple cover to sort of hid all the ‘funness’ I was planning to having on the inside. I loved how I was able to fit pretty much everything I wanted into the Metropol but after carrying it around in my handbag for like two weeks, I got a bit tired of the weight so I decided to stick with the personal size but go with a compact instead. And so Filofax no. 2 was purchased.

For my personal compact, I went with the Doodle Compact. I loved the grid box pattern on the outside and maybe one day I’ll actually doodle something on it lol. The other thing I liked was the elastic band to keep things in as I sometimes like to slot in loose bits of stuff like vouchers or parcel collection slips from the post office. Things that only need to stay in my planner temporarily and the elastic band helps to keep everything in place. I still have as many sections as I did with the Metropol but just have to keep the number of pages down. This has now been working well as my daily planner. I’ll go into more detail about its set up in a later post.


After I started using my Compact, I started to think how great it would be to use a Filofax when I travel. Usually when I travel I’ll have a mini guide book that I put together and a journal. For the mini guide-book, I put together something using Microsoft word using information from guide books I borrow from the library or information I find on the internet. It would include maps as well as information about various sights, shopping and eateries. Once I put it together on the computer, I’d print it out using A6 paper so that it’s nice and compact. My journal would usually either use a Moleskine pocket notebook or sketchbook or cahier all depending on the length of the trip.

With all that in mind, I decided to combine the two into one Filofax and thought that a Filofax pocket would be the perfect size to keep everything small and compact so off I went to get Filofax no. 3 – a Domino pocket in Ultra Violet. I picked the Domino mainly because of the elastic band as I figured I may pick up things like tickets, maps, flyers, brochures etc to scrapbook later and the elastic band would help to keep every thing.


I started planning out how I would set it up and even worked on creating my own templates. I actually got this back in like November 2013 and thought of using it for my January trip to Hong Kong so after I created my templates, I started working on putting in all the relevant information. In typical me fashion, I waited till like just a few days before leaving to put it all together and when I printed my maps, I realised they were way to tiny and given that I didn’t have enough time to think up what to do about getting large maps, I ended up not bringing this along. Instead I just brought along a Moleskine pocket cahier for journalling. I don’t really need a guide-book for Hong Kong given that I used to live there but I thought it would be nice to put one together so that I could really test out the Filofax set up. I know there have been others who used the Filofax pocket as travel Filos but I’m not sure if they had maps in theirs. I wanted to have the maps in because I could look at them and no body would actually know I was looking at a map and was a tourist lol. So for now my Domino pocket is just sitting around waiting for me to figure out what to use it for.

Many years ago I used to use a planner as my daily journal so I thought of doing the same using a Filofax but knew that I would prefer something in the A5 size rather than the personal size. I decided that the price of the A5 Filofaxes were just too much for my intended use so I went to my local stationery shop to look for alternatives and that’s where I got this A5 “Filofaker” lol. This cost me like S$25 which is easily a quarter or a fifth the price of a Filofax. I loved that it was a nice purple colour and of course the Korean writing on the cover was fun. It says “Daebak” which basically means awesome or fantastic lol. I write another post later on showing how I set it up.



After my January trip, I started thinking about how to put together my travel Filofax and decided to go with a personal size one. Given how much I like using my personal compact for my daily, I thought maybe I should just get another personal compact to use. Before I did though, I worked on creating my templates in personal size and printed out some test maps to see how they were and they were just nice – well for me anyways lol. 

And so came along Filofax no. 4 – a Back To School Compact in red. I’m travelling again this week, so I’ve already put things together and it’s all ready for my trip. I write another post later showing you how I set it up. I thought the old school notebook look would be perfect for it’s intended use and of course it has an elastic band lol.  


And so that’s the story of me and my 4 Filofaxes and a faker lol.

One thought on “Me and My Filofaxes

  1. Litty says:

    I have to tell you: A better replacement for filofaker is kokuyo’s Campus Binder Notebook, Colour Palette range at B5 size. The paper, feel and design is much better too.

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