Destination: Hong Kong – Day 5

The girls woke me up as they were heading out to do their last minute shopping. I had a shower and headed down to the hotel’s coffee shop for our free breakfast which we had yet to have lol. It came packaged with our hotel room but we just never used it because we always went out for food. After my enjoyable and leisurely breakfast, I popped back up to the room to finish my packing and just chilled while waiting for the girls to get back.

As soon the girls were back, they finished up their packing and we headed down to meet up with Yass – both Chris and Berry and left on earlier flights – to check out and catch the free shuttle to Hong Kong Station to catch the Airport Express.

One good thing about going to Hong Kong Station is that we could actually check in for our flight there before getting onto the train to the airport. We’d actually already checked in online but needed to check in our luggage. Luckily we checked in as a group because both Judy and Wendy’s bags were seriously overweight. I’d split some of my stuff between my little suitcase and my new weekender back from Forever 21. I put most of my dirty laundry in the weekender and everything else in the suitcase. My suitcase going home was actually lighter than when I left Singapore hahahaha.

After checking in our luggage, we hopped onto the train and off to the airport we went. Once we got there, Judy, Wendy and Yass returned their MTR cards to get back the HKD50 (about US$6.50 or S$8), I kept mine as a souvenier – I’m a scrapbooker, what did you expect lol. Our first destination after clearing immigrations and customs – food!!!! It was a little after lunch and we were all pretty hungry. I finally managed to get to eat at Cafe de Coral, which was one of my fave places to eat when I lived in Hong Kong. The best way to describe Cafe de Coral would be a Chinese restaurant, a diner and a fast food store all rolled into one. The food is all Chinese food (Hong Kong style), but the portions and serving are like how it would be in a diner but you order and collect your food like how you would at a fast food store. Make sense? Lol. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a foodie but I do love to eat at places that are cheap, have good food and nice portioning. Don’t know fancy stuff – love home-cooked style meals. They had one of my fave dishes that I can only find in Hong Kong (unless I make it myself), and that is diced chicken in sweet corn with rice. I took a picture but sadly it’s on the missing memory card!!!! It’s basically a corn chowder with diced chicken and mixed vegetables served on rice.

After having our fill, it was off to do some quick duty free shopping. As we were pressed for time and wanted different things, we all split up and met back at the gate. Before we knew it, it was time to board the plane and head home. Four hours later we were back home and our little adventure was over.

Here’s a brief of the trip ~ duration  – 5 days / 4 nights ~ airline – Singapore Airlines ~ hotel – Cosmo Hotel, Wan Chai

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