Destination: Hong Kong – Day 4

Woke up from a nice long sleep feeling much better and ready to take on Hong Kong once again.

We started off our morning heading to Hong Kong MTR station to have dim sum (finally). There are tons of places to go for good dim sum but everyone else in the group wanted to try out Tim Ho Wan. There is a branch or two back home in Singapore but everyone was saying it’s not the same because we’re in Hong Kong…erm okay. Just to note, nearly all my friends are foodies, as for me, food is really all about substance for me so as long as it tastes good and feels me up, I’m a happy camper lol.

I think we waited about 30 – 40 mins till we got our table but that was because we were such a big group and the restaurant was kind of on the small side. We order a whole load of different types of dim sum, I took a bunch of pics but sadly they’re all on that missing memory card. I have to admit the dim sum was really good especially their signature dish – baked bun with BBQ pork. The bun itself was so soft and the BBQ pork inside was tender and juicy.


 We got a giggle out of some of the English translations of the items on the menu. Here’s one I posted on Instagram.


Glue rice dumpling????? It’s supposed to be glutinous rice dumpling lol. I always get a kick out of these bad English translations.

After getting out fill, Wendy, Judy and I headed over to Causeway Bay to meet Judy’s cousin who lives in Hong Kong and to do a bit of shopping. As we were early, we did a little wandering around and popped into the Uniqlo there where I managed to pick up one of their ultra light down vests as they were like 50% off hehehe. I already have their ultra light down parka – was using it for this trip – and absolutely love it so I thought I’d grab a vest too. I originally wanted to get a black one (so much easier to match lol) but the girls insisted I get a bright colour so I settled for the royal blue. Judy picked one up as well. After that we headed over to Sogo to meet up with Judy’s cousin and of course more shopping. We decided it would be more effective if we split up into two groups and then to meet back after a couple of hours, so Wendy and I went off to explore Causeway Bay. Our first stop was Island Centre which is just next to Sogo. We’d been there before a few years back and wanted to see if there was anything new. What we loved about this place was that it was made up of a whole load of different little shops some of which sold items that were designed or made by the shop owner. Wendy managed to get some boots for a really low price as well as a whole load of clothes. It’s easy for her because she’s a stick of a person lol – the complete opposite of Judy and me but combine the three of us and we’re a perfect 100% lol.

From Island Centre we happened to walk across the little side street and came across another little mall – sorry don’t know the name of the mall. There are a bunch of stores downstairs and an escalator and elevator leading upstairs. We decided to give it a try and found that the upstairs had a whole load of little stores too just like Island Centre just different products. The stores at Island Centre were mainly clothing stores, beauty stores and a couple of shoe stores while this place had more shoe stores, a lot of phone cover stores and gadget stores. I managed to get a pair of low boots (sort of motorcycle style) while Wendy picked up a cover for her phone that lets her carry it like a handbag.

By the time we were done there, it was time to meet up with Judy and her cousin. We hung out with them for a bit and then split up again. Judy and her cousin were off to get some groceries and head to her cousin’s place while Wendy and I went back to shopping. We arrange to meet back at the hotel so that we could all go out for dinner, together with the boys. Wendy and I decided to head over to the Forever 21 store which was pretty big. I feel in love with this faux leather weekender bag they had that was going for like S$40. Both Wendy and I thought it was a good deal, plus it was a nice size with a couple of pockets on the outside as well as having a double handle as well as a nice long shoulder strap. I decided to get that way if I had too much stuff for my suitcase I could always put my dirty laundry in it and have it as my carry on bag hehehe. Wendy wanted to get one too but decided not to even though I told her I didn’t mind her having the same thing – she regretted it the next day lol. I’m sure there were some other places we popped into and bought stuff, just can’t remember lol.

After we were done with our shopping, we headed back to our hotel to drop our shopping up, freshen up and to meet the rest. 


For dinner, we decided to have another iconic Hong Kong dish – Wanton Mee aka wanton noodles. Judy’s cousin brought us to Wing Wah Noodles Shop in Wanchai. This restaurant has been around for like forever. Because they could fit all 6 of us, we decided to split into two tables which were beside one another. You know a place serves good food if the locals go there. There was a steady flow of customers going in and out of the store. Don’t worry if you don’t feel like having wanton noodles because they have a number of other noodle dishes on the menu as well as some really nice desserts like walnut paste – yum!!!!!!. Again this is not a fancy restaurant so prices are low but the food is definitely worth more than what you pay!


 1. me and Wendy waiting for our food; 2. Wendy’s order – BBQ pork with noodles (dry); 3. My order – wanton noodles in soup – the wantons are hiding underneath

We also had dessert but alas the photo of that is on the missing memory card and wasn’t posted like the other two dishes were. I had the walnut paste but that’s basically because I wanted something warm as it was chilly that night and I’m a big nut fan lol.

After filling our bellies, the boys went off to meet up with some friends for drinks while we girls decided to head somewhere else for drinks. Judy’s cousin was bringing us to some place that was near our hotel and as we were walking past our hotel, I decided to give the drinks a miss and head back to the room. I didn’t want to overdo it seeing as I had had a migraine the day before and we were leaving the next day plus I hadn’t even packed my stuff to head home so I decided to have a shower and pack while watching tv and get an early night. I heard the girls coming back into the room at around 2 am and making a mad rush to pack their stuff, especially seeing as they had intended to go out in the morning to get some more goodies. And so ends our last night in Hong Kong.

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