Destination: Hong Kong – Day 3

It wasn’t originally a plan but Chris had mentioned it the other day so we decided to go to Ngong Ping Village today. Besides a tour coach, the only other way to get to Ngong Ping 360 cable car. To get to the cable car terminal, we first took the MTR to Tung Chung station and then a short walk to the Tung Chung cable car terminal. Even though we were pretty early, there was already a super long queue to buy tickets followed by a queue to board the cable cars. I would say it took us about an hour from the time we started queuing to the time we actually got on board the cable car.


 The view from the queue to purchase tickets

There are two types of cable cars, the standard cabin and the crystal cabin. The only difference between the two is that the crystal one has a glass bottom. We initially wanted to take the crystal cabin going up and the standard one coming back but the wait for the crystal cabin was about 60 mins so we reversed the order. A return ticket on the standard cabin is HKD150 (about US$19 or S$24), while a return ticket on the crystal cabin is HKD235 (about US$30 or S$38). If you opt to do what we did, taking a standard one way and a crystal the other, the ticket costs HKD210 (about US$27 or S$34). The ride takes about 25 mins one way and can hold 10 people. When you get to the front of the line, just tell the staff how many are in your group and they’ll make sure you all get into the same cabin. The view was pretty amazing but sadly it was slightly foggy that morning.


1. The view of Tung Chung; 2. beach view; 3. me, Chris and Berry; 4. queuing to get on; 5. a cabin going down; 6. the view looking up; 7. the view looking down; 8. group foot shot

After the cable car ride, we decided to split up into two groups again as some of the others had appointments letter on in the day. The Three Mouseketeers were back together again lol. We took our time walking around Ngong Ping village and then headed over to the Tian Tan Buddha. This large buddha sits on top of a mountain and it’s 268 steps to get to the top. We decided not to climb up those stairs and just snapped shots from below. I actually wanted to check out the Wisdom Path which I’d seen on Running Man but it was apparently a 30 min walk one way, so decided to spare the girls.


1. Tian Tan Buddha; 2. Po Lin Monastery; 3. piazza; 4. Stairs to Tian Tan Buddha

After checking out the Buddha and monastery, we walked back towards Ngong Ping Village to grab some lunch before heading back down on the cable car. There were a few choices but we ended up at Zen Noodle Cafe. I can’t exactly remember what I had but based on the picture, I believe it’s Niku udon. What I do remember was that it was delicious and reasonably priced. Of course my choice of drink was Iced Milk Tea. I’m not sure why but whenever I’m in Hong Kong and I see Iced Milk Tea on the menu, that’s my choice of drink lol.



The cable car ride on the way was actually a little scary than the ride going up and it wasn’t because of the glass bottom cabin. Actually I was fine with the glass bottom cabin, in fact I enjoyed checking out everything below. It was more of the dipping motion that was getting to me. It sort of felt a bit like a roller coaster and the dips are the reasons why I don’t like roller coasters lol. Thankfully I survived without losing my lunch lol.


1. over land; 2. over sea

After we got off the cable car, we headed to Citygate Outlets which was right by the cable car and next to the MTR station. Citygate is like the Hong Kong version of Premium Outlets. You can find an array of brands from the high-end to regular ones. I first went to Coach but didn’t manage to find anything so I headed over to the Kate Spade store with the girls. I’d seen this travel wallet online and wanted to see if they had one which they did but it was kind of bigger than what I wanted for my travel documents but I did find a pouch that would be perfect for a number of uses. Judy and Wendy got a bag each from Kate Spade. The outlet prices were definitely worth it.

After our little shopping spree, we headed back to the hotel to drop off our shopping before meeting up with the boys for dinner and a visit to the night markets at Temple Street and Ladies Market. As we were heading back, a mild headache I had from the start of the day started to get worse so I decided to give dinner and the night markets a miss and stay in the hotel, take some meds and try to get to bed early. So while it was a bummer ending to the day, it was a pretty good one.

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