Destination: Hong Kong – Day 2

[Warning: super long post with lots of pics]

Woke up to the sight of lovely blue skies which is perfect because we’re going to Disneyland!!!!!!!!!


 View from our hotel room

We had actually gotten our tickets the first day we arrived from the ticket booth at Hong Kong station. They cost HK$450 (about US$58 or S$73). To get to Disneyland we had to take the MTR to Central, switch to the Tung Chung Line and the change to the special Disney train at Sunny Bay. The Disney train just goes between the Disneyland Resort station and Sunny Bay station. The train is different from the regular trains. The windows are in a Mickey shape while the windows on the doors are like Donald’s. The handles are also in a Mickey shape (sorry no pic). There’s also memorabilia on display. After a short while, the train pulled into the Disneyland Resort station. The platform was like an old train station. hk-d2-02

 1. Mickey windows; 2. Donald doors; 3. station sign; platform Disney

I have to admit I was pretty excited and that was because this was the first time I’d been to Disney ever! While I’m not a big Mickey Mouse fan or anything, Disney was always something we grew up with. We had gotten there pretty early and gone on a weekday but amazingly enough it was still crowded.


 1. Entry way; 2. We’re in Disney!; 3. Disney railway; 4. Mickey surfing; 5. Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

Once you get through the gate, the first place you come across is Main Street. They had some interesting old school vehicles driving around. They also had a huge store which is actually smart because if you didn’t get something at the various other stores located around the park, you could hit the main store and get whatever last-minute present you wanted before leaving. 


1. Main Street garbage bin (only sign I found for Main Street lol); 2. shops; 3. looking down Main Street towards Sleeping Beauty’s castle; 4. old school taxi cab; 5. old school bus

From Main Street we headed over to Adventureland to check out Tarzan’s treehouse. The only way to get to the treehouse is via a raft.


1. Entering Adventureland; 2. Jane and Tarzan; 3. Tarzan’s treehouse; 4. off to see the house

From Adventureland, we headed over to Grizzly Gulch. Everybody but Wendy and I went on the Runaway Mine Cars ride – we’re not exactly fans of rollercoaster rides. While they took the ride, we grabbed some snacks. Wendy tried to “acquire” the large gold nugget we saw.


1. The Runaway Mine Cars ride; 2. Wendy and her nugget; 3. Street band

Next stop was Mystic Point. Now this was the place I wanted to go because I wanted to Mystic Manor ride. I’m a fan of haunted houses and the like and while this wasn’t a haunted house ride, it had some great 3D effects. I tried to take a video of part of the ride with my camera but it didn’t come out that great because of the moving carriage we were in. I would definitely want to take that ride again. It was only after we left did I realise that we had missed the Freight Depot and the Gardens of Wonder. Would definitely have loved to take pics of the Gardens of Wonder.


1. Group shot outside Mystic Manor; 2. Mystic Point; 3. Chris doing his impersonation of Albert the monkey

From Mystic Point we entered into Toy Story Land. A couple of interesting rides there. A couple of us wanted to take the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop but it was a 60 mins wait time so instead Judy went to take the RC Racer ride (similar concept to a viking ride) while the rest of us just chilled or checked out the store.


1. first entrance; 2. second entrance; 3. Mr Potato Head; 4. Little Green Men; 5. RC Racer ride

Once Judy was done with her ride, we were off to Fantasyland. First stop was Cinderella’s Carousel. Only Judy and I didn’t go on this ride. While everyone else queued we checked out the other attractions like the Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride and the statue of Mickey as The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. From the carousel, we moved on to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups ride. This time I was the only one who didn’t go on the ride. There’s a reason why I don’t go on these kinds of rides, I don’t like things that make me queasy, on top of that we were planning on having lunch after the Mad Hatter’s lol. I wanted to enjoy my meal in Disney lol.


1. Fantasyland; 2. Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride; 3. Mickey as The Sorcerer’s Apprentice; 4. Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups ride; 5. Cinderella’s Carousel

Once they were done with the ride, we headed over to the Royal Banquet Hall for lunch. There’s a selection of Asian and Western food and the prices are pretty reasonable considering it was an Asian theme park – they have a tendency of being pricey. With our energy now restored, we went to check out one of the stores nearby to look for goodies. The stores in the different areas carry things relating mainly to that area but with a few from other areas but the shops at Main Street have everything so don’t worry if you missed out on getting something. While we were there, we decided to get a Mickey Mouse hat for Lien and got his nickname “Lenny Boy” embroidered on it. After that bit of shopping, we decided to split up – Chris and Yass headed back to the hotel because they were tired, Berry headed back too because she was going to meet up with her sis while Judy, Wendy and I decided to stay on as we wanted to watch the closing fireworks. We agreed to meet up again for a late dinner at a crab place near the hotel that Berry recommended.

From Fantasyland, the newly dumbed “Three Mouseketeers” headed over to Tomorrowland which was the last area of the park. One the way there, we stopped to get some ice cream. I got a Mickey Mouse one while Wendy got the Minnie Mouse one. I took a picture of us with our ice cream but sadly it’s on the missing memory card – boo!!! Once we got to Tomorrowland, Judy went to take the Space Mountain ride while Wendy and I walked around to check out the other attractions as well as the store there. Once Judy had finished her ride, she managed to find us without having to call hahaha. I guess our Mouseketeer radars were on lol.  As we were discussing what to do next, we notice the park staff setting up a queue for photo taking and it turned out to be Buzz Lightyear! So we all had group photo with him. After that we thought of taking the Autopia ride but it was too long a wait and we’d rather spend time at the shops hehehe, so off back to Main Street we went.

hk-d2-10 1. Group photo with Buzz; 2. larger than life Buzz; 3. setting sun over Tomorrowland

The stores at Main Street are actually on one side and are connected so they literally link from one end of Main Street to the other!!! I think there’s about 6 or 7 shops linked with each shop selling different types of things. I got some gifts for family and friends. We then decided that we wanted to get something that the three of us would have to remember Disney…it had to be something similar but different too. We had a look at the earrings but I need to have hypoallergenic earrings and the selection was pretty limited and then we stumbled upon the watches! There were so many different designs and pretty reasonably priced. I spotted one that was similar to the ones we used to have as kids just with a metal strap. Pretty soon Wendy found one she liked and then Judy too. So all three of us had watches from Disney but they were all different.


Once we were done shopping, we headed over to the photo shop to pick up copies of our photo with Buzz. We each took a copy. All we had left to do was wait for the fireworks show. We decided to wait by the gazebo at the top of Main Street as the fireworks would be at the other end of Main Street over by Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Another reason was because it was close to the exit so we could make a dash to the MTR before the crowded that had made its way to the fireworks end of Main Street lol. It was cold and we were hungry but we knew that we were meeting the others for dinner at the crab place near the hotel though it would be a super late dinner given that we were meeting at 10 pm as it would take us about 90 mins to get there what we having to change trains and switch to the tram. To kill time we started getting goofy and were taking pics. I’ll spare you and only put up the nice ones which were ones that were taken with Judy’s camera.


1. me and Judy; 2. me and Wendy; 3. The Three Mouseketeers

The fireworks started promptly at 8 pm and lasted for about 15 – 20 mins. It was pretty spectacular but I think it would have been better if we were closer to the front because then we could have seen everything lol. As agreed, as soon as it was done, we were off like a rocket. We were luck that we didn’t have to wait too long to get onto the Disney train and then switched to the Tung Chung Line. We got off at Central and switched to a tram. We got a little lost trying to get the restaurant from the tram stop but that was because Google Maps kept on giving us the wrong direction lol. Luckily we didn’t get too lost and finally made it to the restaurant. We were only 5 mins late. The food was delicious but I was just too hungry to stop to take photos – sorry.  


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