Project Life 2013

Project Life “Project Life is a back-to-basics approach to memory-keeping” – Becky Higgins

I tried to do PL last year but fail miserably but decided to give it a go again especially after seeing my sis finish hers.

Last year I did a modified version of PL in that I used divided 8×8 page protectors rather than the usual 12×12 ones and made my own “core kit”. This year, I decided to go all out and got myself a full and proper PL set.

My Project Life

I picked the Seafoam edition for my binders and core kit and I’m only using the Design A page protectors though I do have some of the smaller sized page protectors to use as inserts if I happen to have a lot of pictures for that particular week or if I went on holiday or there was a special occasion.

Of course I won’t be limiting myself to using just the core kit. I’ll be using things from my ever-growing scrapbook stash lol. I tend to lead a boring life so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to keep this up but then again I’m also hoping to have a less boring life lol.

I should have actually have started this at the beginning of the year but I got caught up working on some mini travel albums, travelling etc but now I’m buckling down and getting to work on it. Need to catch up seeing as it’s now week 22 but I’ve actually planned my layouts up to week 21 so just need to turn the sketches into reality lol. As I go along, I’ll work on the current week as well as doing a catch up but I’ll only post about them in chronological order so there may be a couple of weekly layouts going up during the same week.

Here’s my cover page:PL 2013 - cover

The first card is from the Seafoam core kit and I just added the 2013 using foam thickers. In the first 3×4 slot is a photo of me while in the second 3×4 slot is a card that I created and printed. The card in the bottom left is a 4×6 card cut from the Simple Stories Documented range. Not knowing what else to put in the cover, I decided to fill the whole right half of the page with a single photo that I divided up and added text to. I took this photo while I was on vacation in the US last year.

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