I’ve started taking Korean lessons

So I decided to take the plunge and signed up for Korean lessons. I actually took a class a few years back but it was just conversation Korean and then trying to learn on my own but I figured if I really wanted to learn the language properly, I would have to take a class.

I shopped around for a good school and ended up choosing Daehan Korean Language Centre. While they may have been a little more expensive compared to some others that offered similar classes, they allowed for make up lessons for missed classes (as long as advance notice is given – which means I don’t have to worry about going on holiday during class time lol) and they had some promotions for signing up for multiple class levels.

Even though I have a little knowledge on the language, I thought it was best to start from scratch so I signed up for Basic Levels 1 and 2 to begin with. There are 4 levels for basic and each level is 13 classes. My classes are once a week on a Saturday afternoon and last 90 mins. It’ll take me about 3 months to finish one level but I was keen on taking classes twice a week given that they are in the evenings and unfortunately I work so I can take the full-time course which is four times a week during the day.

I’ll see how the basic levels go and then consider taking the intermediate but of course I would love to finish all the way to advanced. Both the intermediate and the advanced have 3 levels each so that means a total of 10 levels to complete the entire course. If I take classes once a week, then it should take me about 2.5 years to complete or thereabouts.

So I had my first lesson today, and I have to say a throughly enjoyed it even though all we learnt was 14 consonants and 6 vowels of the Korean alphabet lol. But given the way the teacher conducts the class with us having to repeat pronunciations as a group and individually, as well as practicing out writing, I can see learning in a class environment is going to be better than learning on my own. One other sign of it being a proper class, is that at the end of the lesson, our teacher told us to memorize what we had learnt because there was going to be a spelling test next lesson! If you’re wondering why I say proper class, it’s because I’d previously gone for  conversational Mandarin classes and there were no tests at all and the only requirement for progressing to the next level was to complete a minimum attendance score. My Korean classes on the other hand, in addition to meeting the minimum attendance score, will have a test at the end of each level and you need to get a pass in order to get your certificate. Even if you don’t pass the test, you can proceed to the next level but you just won’t get your certificate. What’s great is that this certificate is recognized by the Singapore Ministry of Education.

korean lessons

Oh if only I could have the chance to take the full-time course – guess I’ll have to buy more lottery tickets lol – anyone got some winning numbers to suggest?

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