Solo in Seoul – Day 6 (final)

Got up early to have one last breakfast in the hotel before heading back to the room to finish up my packing and then to check out. My flight was at 2.40 pm and even though I had already checked in for my flight via my phone, I thought it would probably best to head to the airport early especially given that it was raining outside. I was worried about traffic.

I arrived with a suitcase and a backpack and I’m leaving with a suitcase, a backpack and a half-filled carry-on bag. I could of squeezed everything into my suitcase but I was worried about being overweight thanks to my books so I moved some of my dirty laundry to the carry-on bag. I got the boys at the hotel to help me weigh my bag and just as well too because it was 22 kg! Thankfully the weight allowance on Korean Airlines is 23 kg hehehe. After checking out I headed to the bus stop to catch the coach to the airport. It’s the same one I took when I arrived – it does a loop route back to the hotel. My timing was perfect. When I got to the bus stop, the coach was there – woohoo! After making sure the driver and put my suitcase on board, I hopped on and paid my fare of 10,000 won / US$10. You can either pay by cash or use a T-Money card (more about this in a future post). I had enough on my T-money card so I went with that.

The coach ride took just over an hour and brought me past areas that I had been and not been. I wanted to have one last look at N Seoul Tower but it was hidden from view because of the weather.

After checking in my luggage, I headed in to clear immigration, collect my duty free stuff and maybe grab a bite to eat while waiting for my flight. Didn’t manage to get a bite to eat, but did some last minute souvenier shopping lol. Before you knew it, it was time to board.

Flight Home

It’s about a 6 hour flight from Seoul to Singapore and one good thing about Korean Airlines is that you can use your own headphones instead of theirs and they start their entertainment system pretty much as soon as they take off. I actually managed to watch 3 movies and a bunch of MVs as well as listen to one of the music channels.

Landed home at about 7.30 pm and was pleasantly surprised to receive a text message from my sis saying that she and my nephew were waiting for me at the airport. How sweet! While I’m sad that the trip is over, I’m happy to be home too!

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