Solo in Seoul – Day 5

My last full day in Seoul and still so much to see and do but I’m not going to let it stress me out and just enjoy myself. It’s okay if there are still things to see and do because it just gives me a reason to come back again lol.

After grabbing breakfast at the hotel, I headed over to Dongdaemun for some shopping. There are a number of shopping places in this area, most of them selling at warehouse pricing. Most of them however only open in the evening/night but stay open until the next morning. You’re probably wondering why I was heading there first thing in the morning. Well the plan was to just check out Pyounghwa Clothing Market rather than Dongdaemun Market – I’ll save that for my next trip. Like the other areas in Dongdaemun, Pyounghwa typically opens at 10 pm but stays open until 6 pm the next day so there are definitely shops open. I guess you could say I just wanted to “survey the land” lol. It was actually quite pleasant to go there in the morning because there weren’t any crowds and you could happily take your time walking up and down the aisles.

Pyounghwa Clothing Market

Pyounghwa actually covers a huge area and is like 5-6 buildings linked together on the upper floors. I only covered like 3 of them! Stuff here is seriously cheap. I picked up a warm down jacket (planning on a winter trip where snow is involved so need a thicker jacket). The jacket looked like one from North Face but it was definitely a fake because while the logo was similar, it actually said Noble Face lol but it was only 37,000 won / US$37!!! Who am I to complain lol.

When you walk back to the subway station from Pyounghwa, you’ll walk past Dongdaemun Gate.

Dongdaemun Gate

From there I headed back to the hotel to drop off my shopping. I went shopping in Myeong-dong before heading back to the room and picked up a backpack from Cath Kidston. Given that it was an original it was a little pricey but then we don’t have this brand back home. The bag cost 98,000 won / US$98.

Cath Kidston Backpack

I have a small suitcase with the same print but that’s a “not so original”. I had actually seen the bag on my first day but decided to wait for my last day to get it just in case I saw something better lol.

After dropping off my shopping in my room, I headed out again. My next destination was Namsan Cable Car. To get there, I walked about 15 mins to the Namsan Oreumi which is a glass elevator that goes up the side of the hill to the cable car station.

Namsan Oreumi

The cable car brings you up to the top of Namsan Mountain where the N Seoul Tower is located. A return ticket costs 8,000 won / US$8. There’s a cable car every 10 mins and the ride itself is less than 5 mins. Once I got off the cable car, I had to walk up a slightly steep section of the mountain before getting to the base of N Seoul Tower. You could also take a bus up to N Seoul Tower but I wanted to have the view from the cable car.

N Seoul Tower

I got myself a combination ticket that gave me admission to both the Teddy Bear Museum and the Observatory for 14,000 won/ US$14. I went to the Teddy Bear Museum first. The Teddy Bear Museum is split into sections. The first section tells you the history of Seoul with different scenes depicted with the use of teddy bears. Some of the bears have movement giving life to the scenes. It was so cute to see but amazing too because of the various costumes and set ups.

Teddy Bear Museum

The second section of the Teddy Bear Museum has scenes of modern day Seoul such as the scene where people gathered to cheer for South Korea during the 2002 World Cup and a scene of a limo outside the President’s residence. In this section of the museum that also have an area that covers the history of the teddy bear and some old teddy bears. There is also an area where the bears used in the K-drama “Princess Hours” or “Goong” are displayed. Near the entrance of this section of the museum they even had a bear dressed like Psy!

Psy Teddy Bear

After the museum, I headed up to the observatory. Too bad the weather wasn’t cooperating, otherwise I would have a fantastic view rather than the somewhat foggy one I got. But even with the foggy weather, you could still see quite far so I got to see the Han River and the vast surrounding area. I stopped off at a little cafe up there to have some cake while enjoying the view.

View from N Seoul Tower

After the observatory, I went back down to the base of N Seoul Tower to check out the love locks. Like a number of other places around the world, N Seoul Tower is famous for young couples to leave “love locks” with messages behind as a declaration of their love. The souvenir store even sells locks for couples to use.

Love Locks

After that I headed back down the mountain and went to Lotte Town – the department store across the street from the hotel to try and get some last minute gifts for the family and do a little shopping. Managed to get some kimchi for my bro-in-law and a Tiffany & Co ring for myself hehe. Lotte has a duty free section where a lot of the branded goods are available for purchase at duty free prices but you need to have your passport with you and you can only collect your items at the airport so you need to know your flight details too. But it was definitely worth it because the ring was almost 30% cheaper than what I would have paid for in Singapore though about 30% more than it would have cost me in the US (before tax). Once I was done shopping, I headed back to the hotel to start the daunting process of packing my stuff.

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