Solo in Seoul – Day 1

Caught a Korean Air flight from Singapore at 1.40 am and touched down just over 6 hours later in Seoul. After getting my luggage, I headed to the bus counter to get a ticket on bus number 6015 which would drop me in front of my hotel, Ibis Seoul Myeong-dong. The one way bus ticket costs 10,000 won (about US$10) and the bus stop was just outside.

Airport Bus No. 6015

The bus ride took about an hour and you don’t have to really worry about which is your next stop because the bus has announcements saying what stop is coming up and it’s done in 4 languages – Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese.

Because it was still early in the morning, I wasn’t able to get my room key so I did the check-in paperwork and left my luggage there while I went in search of a late morning snack and to check out the Myeong-dong area.

Seoul Ibis Myeong-dong

The first place I came across was a Krispy Kreme (woohoo!!) so of course I had to stop there lol. The last time I had Krispy Kremes was while I was in the US last year, wish we had them in Singapore. Anyways I grabbed 2 glazed donuts and a drink. Once I was done eating, I walked around Myeong-dong. Myeong-dong is basically a shopping area, kind of reminds me of Ximengding in Taipei. Lots of little shops, tons of beauty stores like The Face Shop but one thing I did notice is that you can actually find multiples of the same shop, especially the beauty stores, but don’t be fooled into thinking they’re the same because I noticed that while one Face Shop sold their entire range as per normal, while another Face Shop sold certain items already pre-packed into “bulk” packaging e.g. 5 lip glosses in a packet. I got some lip balm, some eye masks and my facial mist – way cheaper than back home. I came across a book store and picked up some Korean language books (books in English teaching you the Korean language). I found a range that was a text-book paired with a work book. I’d seen this particular range at Kinokuniya back home but it was a fraction of the price in Seoul so I bought two levels hehehe. Just in front of the hotel is the entrance to an underpass. I initially thought it was just an underpass to the Lotte Department store across the street but there’s actually an underground mall there too! Myeong-dong is truly a shopping haven lol.


After walking around for a few hours, I decided to head back to the hotel to have a late lunch and get my key. I was pretty tired but that was because I didn’t really sleep on the flight up. After having a nice yummy lunch of seafood fried rice and went to check out my room. A nice little cosy room, perfect for my trip for one. After having a short rest, I headed out again to check out Myeong-dong at night. It’s so much busier and vibrant at night because of all the little street vendor stores that get set up. I wasn’t really hungry so I grabbed a sandwich from the hotel coffee shop and had an early night. Need to rest up for major sightseeing on day 2. Check out the night view from the hotel coffee shop – which happens to be on the 19th floor.

Myeong-dong by night

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