Solo in Seoul

Seoul, South Korea

One of my new year resolutions for 2013 was to try to travel as much as I could. No specifics as to where or for how long, as long as it was a go somewhere that required me having my passport. So for my first vacation of 2013, I headed to Seoul, South Korea for a solo vacay. I picked the long Good Friday weekend so that I could maximize the number of days away while minimizing the number of days leave I needed to utilised. So for 3 days leave, I ended up with a 6 day, 5 night vacation.

In typical me fashion, I did a little “research” before my trip and with the help of a couple of guidebooks and websites, I put together my own little guidebook. Before heading to Seoul, I did a rough plan of where I’d go each day and included how to get there. The benefit of planning things before hand is that you don’t waste time when you’re there trying to figure out where or what to do or how to get there or even worse, getting to a place only to find it’s closed. While I may have planned each day, my plans were flexible enough that I could easily change things up each day if I wanted to.

The great thing about traveling solo is that I could basically do what I wanted when I wanted. I had an enjoyable and stress-free vacay. Seoul is not difficult to get around even if you don’t speak Korean. All the signs are in English and Korean and even the subway announcements are done in 4 languages (Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese).

I’ll go into more detail about my days in Seoul in future posts as well as how I plan my vacays.

Check out my photo album here

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